Reader's Embroidery - Peacock Feather

Embroidered bed linen - Ceylon stitch, Detached blanket stitch,Open fishbone stitch

Guess the stitches :)

Have you been waiting for this? - Full view of Embroidered bed linen

Needle Magazine online - Free resource

Embroidered Bed linen - Blanket stitch, Berry Stitch,Fishbone stitch,Chemanthy stitch

Embroidered Bedlinen - Honeycomb blanket stitch,french knots

Embroidered Bedlinen - A project on filling techniques in Embroidery

Embroidered bedlinen- back in action with Kashmir work

Embroidered bed linen -Roumanian stitch,Satin stitch

Four years ago...

Embroidered Bed Linen-Fishbone Stitch & Satin variations

Embroidered bedlinen - Herringbone stitch,Pistil stitch,Cretan stitch


All the way from South Africa :)

Series on Outlining techniques

Embroidered Bed Linen - pattern tracing and thread color selection

Latest Project - Embroidery on Bed Linen

First ATC and pattern for mini crochet flower

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August Give Away

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All about BE threads - Part 2

All about BE threads