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A lot of visitors to my blog have asked this question many times either through mail or comment - What thread do you use for Brazilian Embroidery ? Where do we get it from? I've replied everytime and today atlast the bulb in my brain lit up --Why not post the answer once and for all !!

So, here it is :

Brazilian Embroidery
is carried out with Z twist Rayon threads. The cotton threads we usually get for embroidery are S twist .They don't have the sheen or the lustre of Rayon. The stitch instructions with Z twist threads differ when compared to S twist threads .Unlike the 6 stranded floss, which can be split and used as needed, BE threads are not split - infact that's the speciality - there are 7 types of threads of varying thicknesses available to be used as needed.

These BE rayon threads are manufactured predominantly by Edmar in U.S.A . By Indian standards, these are pretty expensive - each skein ranges from 50 Rs (1$) to 80 Rs(1.5$). But if you fall in love with BE as I did, you wouldn't bother much about the expense,since the outcome is so beautiful.

Let me introduce you to the different types of BE threads from the heaviest to the finest in that order. Click on the image for a better view.

This thread is called Nova - its a very thick(heavy), 6 ply thread.

This one is called Lola - you can see the name on the tag - this is also heavy ( but not as heavy as Nova). It is one of the most commonly used thread for embroidering flowers ,stems and leaves. In India, the cone threads we get do resemble Lola. Unfortunately , for the other 6 types of threads there are no substitutes.

There is another thread called Cire (cee-ray) which is also heavy but loosely twisted.If you stitch the same flower twice with Lola and Cire, the look achieved will be totally different.

Frost, is a medium 3 ply tightly twisted thread which again gives a different look to the flowers. It is much lighter than Lola and Cire.

This delicate beauty is called Iris.It is a 2 ply medium heavy thread.

Here is the slim beauty of the family - Glory ; used for fine growth.This is the most delicate thread I've ever used.

And , finally, here's the special one - this one is name Boucle(boo-clay).It is a kind of knotted thread used for some special dimensional effect.

In any project, these threads are mixed and matched to create the beautiful dimensional effect. You cannot do BE with one type of thread alone. Imagine a floral design with just Lola...ugh!! - it wouldn't be pretty at all.

I hope this has cleared your doubts about BE threads. Next time I'll show you my thread stash .

Till then,
Love,luck and sunshine


lakshmi said…
very informative post Deepa..thank more request.. take a foto of all the threads in one shot so tht its easy for comparing them..and help others
méri said…
Great post!
Thank you so much, Deepa!
Terry said…
I just love the Glory threads and use them whenever I can and not just with BE. The sheen and the effect that you can get I find is just beautiful for when you want create something that is tiny and delicate and I made a little trio gift of a pincushion, scissor fob and needle case for my best friend on Dupion silk which turned out just as I wanted it to
Alok Bhatnagar said…
Thanks Deepa!
This was really very hot stuff. Very Informative.
Thanks again
Ninu said…
ah.. very informative.thanks deepa
Glass Beads said…
Excellent post Deepa. thank you so much for the details.
apurva said…
hey Deepa.. awesome wrk..!! ma mom is big fan of urs.. thanks for providing all dis information.. it wud be really helpful if u cud tell me where in India/Bangalore can I find dese threads.. can u pl name the shop & its address. thank you..!!
Deepa said…
Hi Reenu,
These are not available in India. I get it from U.S. If you've any friends in the U.S,you could ask them to get it for you or order it online. If that's not possible, try purchasing Cone threads and silk threads and use them.
Jisha said…
Hi Deepa,

I got my Edamar BE threads.It looks absolutely beautiful.I dont feel like using it ;).I ordered the threads randomly as I had no clue about colors or textures.I noticed I didnt ordered Glory and Boucle.Here in our local craft stores we get DMC rayon threads with the thickness of cotton embroidery threads.Can I replace DMC rayon instead of glory?Or is it more delicate than that?
Deepa said…
Yes Jisha, you can go for DMC rayon instead of glory,they are almost same.
Jisha said…
Thank you Deepa ..I can save on shipping cost.;)
seema said…
Hi Deepa, Iam Seema, I am new to your blog... and I must say I am immencely impressed by your creative pursuits.... I have only recently developed an interest in emroidery although I have been exposed to it since childhood...
You can call me a beginner... :) and I am so totally confused about the threads.... these Edmar BE threads look amazing and just by looking at the pics I've fallen in love with them... how do you order them...?? please help me out... I would really appreciate it:))
Deepa said…
I order my threads online or through any friends if they are coming from U.S.You can try ordering through

Thanks for stopping by,
seema said…
Dear Deepa,
Thanks so much for your help, I shall try the web site... once again, great job...:))