Embroidered Bedlinen - Honeycomb blanket stitch,french knots

I've managed to finish a few more blocks on my bedlinen project . Last time , I'd claimed that this would be a slightly different one. I've finished it, now its for you to decide....

Well, the stitch is honeycomb blanket stitch. If you remember, it was a part of my ROSE sampler project. This stitch is also known as fishscale stitch. See the tutorial here.The center is filled with French knots. The leaves are also blanket stitched with feather stitch vein in the middle.

The brown flower is stitched with strands from silk skeins kindly sent to me from Delhi by a very good friend of mine, Anu.It was a first time experience for me since in my place we get silk threads only in spools. I used all the six strands for the heavy look. The colors are slightly different, right? Got the brown,green combi from the work on the dress of a friend of mine.

The first time I stitched the leaves, I filled them with fishbone stitch. But it was a mess. Had to pull out the whole thing and restitch all over again. Learnt a lesson the hard way - never attempt fishbone stitch on wide leaves. Long ones will work fine, but wide ones...no,no.

There's another block to be shown, but not today. I've run out of the alloted blog post time :)

Until next post,
Love, luck and sunshine,


  1. The colours go really well together. The honeycomb blanket stitch seems to be a great filler for flowers, they remind me of chrysanthemums. Look forward to the next block

  2. what a great find! will get started on it. thank you!

  3. Your embroidery is simply beautiful! I love reading your blog! Please take a minute and look at my Etsy Store:
    Thank you and have a Blessed Day,

  4. Lovely Deepa, you always have such interesting and educational posts.

  5. Beautiful block Deepa. I like it a lot...

  6. beautiful deepa..you are doing a great job.. looking forward to see next block n anxiously waiting to see the whole floral wrath!!2 more blocks to go rite?

  7. Nice filling Deepa. I think the starting line of blanket stitch shud be small.n fill one more round of french knots to fill the gap on brown flower/do one small round around french knots in red flowers, then flower looks complet. just my suggestion
    thnaks for ur concern deepa...still need some more time to calm down


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