Have you been waiting for this? - Full view of Embroidered bed linen

Well, last time I did say that I'll post the full view of the embroidered bedlinen. All this while I was contemplating whether to keep my word - or to just continue showing the blocks and then produce the final output. Finally I decided to keep my word :)
So, ladies and... ladies (no gentlemen, I guess) here's the first full view of the embroidered bedlinen.

Click on the image for a better view. Apologies for the wrinkled state,but you know the reason,right?
For those who came in late, you can find the links related to the Embroidered Bedlinen project here.
A few more blocks to go and this should be complete. Some of the floral blocks are yet to be 'released' ,but that's reserved for the next post. :) Regarding the work , Iam pretty content with what I've done and learnt till now.It's been a slow but steady process.

This year has been hectic but good...touchwood!!! First, a project on Outlining techniques and now this one.Maintaining a blog and above all your valuable inputs have encouraged me and kept me on track. THANK YOU ALL!!
As the year 2009 ends, Iam starting another venture - embroidery classes at my home. There's only one student at present and its just because of her I've started the classes - since she has been asking for it since the past two years :)
How about you all? What have you accomplished and what do you plan to do in the next year? Looking forward to hearing from you,

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. This is a beauty, Deepa!
    And good luck for your lessons at home - I wish I were nearer...:)
    Lately years run too fast... I think Ihaven't done more than half of the projects I've in my mind. Perhaps next year :)

  2. Hi Deepa,

    Congrats on all your achievements big n small..Way to go girl.

    I would love to learn some embroidery from you..especially the indian ones.kamal kadai,chementhy etc and also ribbon embroidery(if u teach) and brazilian.

    please do lemme know your class timings and days :-)

  3. It's lovely to see how they all fit together. Enjoy finishing it

  4. Deepa, anyone who has the opportunity to take lessons from you is very fortunate indeed... you have a wide repertoire or stitches and are definitely focussed on this craft... congratulations in this regard... wishing you all the best in the New Year also.... as for me, each year I try to learn something new (sadly I can't focus on one item, I get bored to easily), my most recent task is smocking and I am working on a little girl's sundress... hope to show it in the near future on my blog... as for the new year... perhaps this will be the year I get some patterns out there, and I'd really like to give textile design a go.


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