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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Series on Outlining techniques

Iam indexing the links to the whole series on outlining techniques for easy reference.This will appear on the sidebar . These are not actual tutorials, but hopefully these will help you in case you're looking out for a suitable outlining stitch to use in your embroidery.Each of these posts has a link to whichever stitch tutorial I referred to for doing the same.

Part 1 - Stem stitch and Outline stitch

Part 2 -Split Stitch

Part 3-Chain stitch

Part 4 - Couching

Part 5-Knotted Outlines

Part 6 - Back stitch,running stitch and variations

Part 7 - Cable stitch, blanket stitch and couching

Part 8 - Overcast stitch


Kathy said...

Thanks Deepa, this will be handy.

nima said...

Thank you so much for the links....