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Just a quick note to all embroidery enthusiasts...

The Hand Embroidery Network has launched the first issue of Needle Magazine. For anyone who is interested in any form of embroidery,be it traditional or contemporary, this one looks to be a wonderful resource. You can read the first issue of the magazine online here.

I had a quick look at the contents and found some of the articles quite interesting ,especially the history of stumpwork by Grace Lister. Articles on some of the featured artists also make a good read. For those looking out for hands on projects, check out the "12 days of Christmas " embroidered quilt and the Ribbon work scissor case project.

Considering that this is the first issue, the HEN should be commended for their effort. Let us hope the good work becomes even better in the days to come.


Love, luck and sunshine,


  1. I'm doing Grace Lister's stumpwork course. It is something I've enjoyed looking at for years, nows the time to take the plunge

  2. Hello Deepa
    I like your blogg. I´m a swedish artist and I use embroidery in my art . Looked at Your turorials, thank You! Interesting to learn about the Indian stitches. I´m visiting India in january 2010 and I hope I am going to see a lot of embroidery and textiles.
    Your welcome to visit my blogs, They are in swedish... but the pictures are international You can reach them from my profile

  3. Thank You Deepa for visiting my blog. And thank you for the suggestion about Google translate. Now I have a new gadget on my blog: Google translate. Please choose language! I think You get most of the text right even if some words and the shade of meaning disappear. I going to try som of your indian stitches, start with Kamal kadai
    Love from Sweden

  4. Thank you Deepa about my fairy postcard and thanks for visiting my blog... you know I always stop by yours when you make a post, love to see what you are always up to.... as for mailing the postcards, Judy and I usually put our cards inside the parcel and wrap it up. I have heard of people putting them in the mail, but in my opinion, that's a very good way of getting them wrecked because they have to go through the machinery and touch many people's hands (body oils - machinery oils), so we take no chances and try to keep them perfect!


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