Embroidered Bed Linen-Fishbone Stitch & Satin variations

Here's the next flower on the bed linen.You would've already seen it in this post . Since I had not mentioned the stitches used, I thought I'll take a fresh pic and post it again.The stitch used is Fishbone stitch for the petals. I used two strands of double colored silk. Fishbone stitch works well for petals as well as leaves. There are quite a few variations of this stitch such as open,closed and raised FB. Here I've used just one - closed fishbone.I plan to use the others too in some other part of the pattern.

Would you believe if I said that the blue silk thread which I've used here is almost 20+ years old?? I got it from my mother.She had bought just a few spools of silk ( may be 3 or 4 colors) for embroidery those many years back .It was lying unused all these years.I flicked it from her :)

The center of the flower is padded satin stitch with chain stitch outline. The leaves too are done with simple satin stitch. Until now I've been using satin stitch for very small parts of the motif. I need to try it on a flower. Not sure how it'll turn out - I've a severe satin stitch phobia :((

There's only one flower in this block. Actually I had run out of flower patterns towards the end ( tired and fed up of drawing and redrawing should be the better explanation) and this one was one of the last I managed to trace.
For those who are interested in learning fishbone stitch,here's a useful link - Fishbone stitch Video tutorial.

Have a nice weekend!! Happy Dussehra to all my fellow Indians out there .

Love,luck and sunshine,


Miss 376 said…
The chain stitch is a lovely way to outline the padded satin stitch