Latest Project - Embroidery on Bed Linen

Well, as the title says, this one is going to be the latest attempt to learn and share. The design is ready and the cloth too. Thought I'll let you see what Iam upto. The pattern is a floral wreath .

Sorry for the rather blurry image. Its a carbon trace,and hence very light. Once I trace it onto the cloth,you'll get a clear shot. I'll show you the different parts as I progress. But you can click on the pic for a still better view. I've exhausted all my floral patterns to put this one together.

Once the design was satisfactorily finalised, I started with the cloth preparation. I marked the centre of the sheet and drew a circle of the same size.Then, the four sides were folded and tacked down with very long running stitches. I don't want the cloth to look like an old rag by the time I complete this , which I think may take a few years ;), you'll be around,right? Besides,this makes it easier to carry around.

Now for the next set of tasks - finalising the stitches and the colors.The stitches have been already listed and written down. Iam yet to decide the places where they should be used. But the colors are yet undecided.I think I'll need suggestions from you.
The color of the sheet is light green - should I follow the 3 or 4 color policy or should I just go for it ? - I mean, use all the colors and the different threads that come my way? What do you think? I just can't seem to make a final decision on this .

Wish me for a successful completion. :)

Love,luck and sunshine,


méri said…
Sorry, Deepa! I'm awful with colours!!!
That's why I embroider in white so many times...
And you can't imagine how you helped me with this post!

I want to embroidered a table cloth(?) a big one with a central motif and I was wondering how could I embroider such a big piece (my first one)!!! I'm a little bit tardy....
elementary,my dear Meri - should say Mr Watson! :)
Hello deepa,
All the Best for your Mega project-Bed Linen Embroidery.Looking forward for your posts in work progress...I am stuck with a saree embroidery and have been postponing it for past 2 months.Please wish me the same luck,concentration and Motivate to finish the 5.5mtrs in 2 months time.
Silver Sisters said…
If you normally use 3-4 colors, I think you should just go for it. You'll figure out the colors as you go.
Lakshmi said…
All the best Deepa...quite interesting as there are quite a different shapes of flowers in one design..
Anusuya said…
Dear Deepa,

All the best for your project. I am quite excited to see your project as you advance. Although rit now I haven’t reached that height to advice you with colors, but I think using multiple colors will make the piece look more vibrant :).

Deepa, recently I made up my mind to kick off my blog (after winning your give-away and your inspiration) and has posted one of my project, please do visit it. I would love to hear from you.

Ninu said…
All the best Deepa..even I am also going to start embroider a bed linen..but only after my current WIP..and ur floral pattern is beautiful.. my suggestion is to use different colours..
Heather said…
Deepa, this is going to be lovely... my suggestion is to use as many colours as is required for the variety of flowers, but perhaps try to stay in the same hue/tone... that way you will get more variety, but you won't have stark contrast so that once colour stands out more than others... ie. what I mean is that if you are using pastels, use many shades of pastels and avoid the brights or vice versa... hope that helps... looking forward to seeing your progress.
Glass Beads said…
All the very best for your project deepa. about colors, i am bad but I agree with Heather, stay with the same hue.

I finally started to paint something which i had been thinking to do from a very long time.