Hello ,

I hope everyone's still here. How are you all doing? :)
At my end, past couple of weeks have been hectic with festivals ,guests,classes and home management. Today too I've to go for judging a paper presentation event at my University.Before I rush off , I thought of just letting you have a sneak peek at my work on the bed linen .Haven't been able to do much ,since I just about manage to snatch 15 or 20 minutes for stitching once in a couple of days. I'll be giving a detailed description of stitches used for each flower and the techniques too once I settle down a bit - hmm...may be by next week or so ...

Here's the first look....

No description of the stitches for the time being. I'll be back in a few days with the details and ofcourse what I want to learn and share with you with such a huge project.

Meanwhile, Iam planning to launch an agitation against the postal service. Both my giveaways have still not reached their destination. What a system!!! Iam feeling so bad...


  1. Hello Deepa,
    Finally getting to see your bedspread work.....I like that Pristil[?]Stitch in red colour.I have taken a fancy to that stitch and using it in my saree work.Waiting for the next post....

  2. wow...that looks pretty...

    I'm waiting for your description about the stitches...i love the red flower...and i liked that stitch too.

  3. Very pretty, looking forward to reading the details

  4. I think you need a good break for some "me time". Stitching looks great. I was trying to look at the purple flower up close to see what stitches you used. Didn't work. :) They are very pretty.

  5. The flowers are lovely, Deepa. I hope you got the envelope of threads I mailed you. I am beginning to think your postal service hates you!

    Jane, waving from Chilly Hollow

  6. Thanks everyone!!
    Kathy,will give you the details soon :)

  7. good start deepa.. waiting to see more details.. hope u will show how to stitch tht red flower..

  8. Lovely work, Deepa!

    Love those red flowers on first photo!!!!

    (long and short stitches are easy to do when you have Mary telling you the stitch directions and when you have to change the colour...:) )

  9. I love your embroidery Deepa. Its very neat. The colours also go pretty well.

    Don't know if my suggestion is too late, but on my blog I have a link there where you can take inspiration from nature. Lets say if you have a photo on which you like the colour combinations you can seperate the colours out. check it out on my blog link below.

    Let me know how you go.

  10. oops! sorry Deepa, its actually under Quilt resources on my blog.


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