Guess the stitches :)

Another block coming up...

I used a not so frequently used stitch for one of the flowers.The stitch on the other flower should be easily recognizable. Can you guess the stitches used? I'll update this post with the answers once I get some inputs from you ;)

Name the stitches used in this block for the flowers,stem and leaves.

Happy guessing!!!



  1. Dear Deepa,

    I was so excited to see the complete view of your bed linen. great JOB...OK heres my guess, in fact i am in no doubt that for the leaves you have used fishbone stitch and for the flower you have used ceylon stitch (I came to know about ceylon stitch from you :)). But for the stem stitch i am not sure. I guess you have filled them with stem stitch. I hope I guessed them right...


  2. Hey Deepa,

    I clicked on the picture and it showed as Ceylon Stich.jpg.. :)
    Ha ha
    The leaves are leaf stitch(Not crossing fishbone)

    BTW I saw the full view of the bed linen.. it is really a good one.

    Thought u finished almost, but seeing i think you have same size left to do :)

  3. This is hard. The flowers look like crochet and yet could it be cretan, wheatear but I assume it is a brazilian stitch of some kind. Not much of an answer now is it. :) The leaves are fly stitch. ;-)

  4. Okay... I'll play along... and I'm guessing from the top of my head and not consulting any book.... I'd say, detached blanket on the flower, herringbone (could be fly) for the leaves, and chain for the stem... maybe I need to put my glasses on, heh heh! Hope to see some other guesses.

  5. Anu... great're 80% right :) Missed the second flower.

    Sangheetha, dumb of me ;) But I changed the name of the file. Now let us see. But you got only that one stitch right.

    Yes, one of the flowers is done with a brazilian stitch. But no fly stitch has been used.

    You're the one who got the detached blanket stitch correct :)


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