First ATC and pattern for mini crochet flower

While you're waiting for some serious embroidery posts to start, let me entertain you with some bits and pieces of handwork.

I've attempted to make an ATC this time. Sounds familiar?? No ?

For the sake of majority Indians, who are unfamiliar with this concept,let me tell you a sentence or two about ATC or Artist Trading Card. ATCs are cards made with different mediums (paper,fabric,felt etc) of the size 2.5 X 3.5 inches and are unique .As an artist, you can use that small piece to express your creativity--i.e you can do a collage over a paper card or embroider over fabric or paint over it and so on. These cards will have your name and some details about yourself on the other side and are usually swapped between artists. Collecting ATC is a major hobby. Let me show you mine.

When I tried to learn making ATC through the tutorials, I found terms such as iron on interfacing,timtex,fusible web etc. I was hundred percent sure that these things will not be available India. Luckily, I managed to find iron on interfacing in a tailoring shop - it makes fabric stiff like card. So with that item and two pieces of fabric ,a card like shape was created. A dab of fabric paint on the white cloth ,and the flowers and leaf were stitched on to it using single strand.

The four sides were then stitched with blanket stitch. Perfection seems to be distant dream,but a few more and I'll be on my way. Iam still not sure how much stiffness should be there for the fabric card. The interfacing I used was a paper one and so not too stiff. There's another kind available with me which is still harder (used for collars of shirts) .May be I'll try that too.

Aren't you curious about the flowers? Those are crocheted mini flowers. I love them!!! The ATC gave me a chance to pick up the crochet needle after a long long time. My skills are kind of rusty,but not too bad,right?

These are made using embroidery threads and will take about 10 minutes of your time :) Here's the link to make these . A lot of possibilities with these flowers,don't you think?

What do you think about my first attempt?

Love,luck and sunshine,


Heather said…
Hi Deepa... adorable little ATC, you did a fine job! Basically I don't think the stiffness/thickness of ATC's is not a major issue, because artists using mediums such as watercolor or pencil crayon just do it right on their chosen paper and do not add any other layers for its thickness. Since it is fabric, as long as it doesn't flop over when you pick it up, that is the main thing. I use colored pencil on Rising Stonehenge paper which is about the thickness of card stock for some ATC's. Just another point of interest, there are ATC's and ACEO's which stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. ATC's are made for trading, while ACEO's are made for selling. Many ATC people don't agree with the ACEO's. Anyway, just a tidbit of info. :-)
Lakshmi said…
Lovely work Deepa..thanks for the link..woww wht a cute lovely flowers..we use these kind of crocheted flowers in embroidery..i did one for my dau's frock..but was forced to give it away..:( fotoes either..
Miss 376 said…
I love it, I have never thought of using crochet on one before. You've got me thinking now
Wendy said…
Thank you so much for your very sweet comment for my Uncle and friend. I miss them. Happily, I have a new baby (two months old) that is making it impossible to dwell too long on it. He and my other two children are such a joy to me.
I really love your blog. Your ATC is adorable and so are your mini flowers!!!
Big Hugs,
Deepa said…
Thank you all.
Thanks especially for that bit of info. I really didn't know that.
Yes,these can be fixed on frocks,hairclips ,hairbands etc. So many options.
Anusuya said…
Hi Deepa, loved the cute little pink flower. i hav never tried my hands on crochet, but would love to try in future.

Arundhati said…
Hi Deepa,
Beautiful flowers. Are these made using crochet needles?
Deepa said…
Yes,Arundhati.These are crocheted with embroidery threads.
lucy said…
Loved your atc. here in India we exchange ATC every month