Embroidered bed linen -Roumanian stitch,Satin stitch

Thanks to everyone for the B'day wishes. I've passed it on to Meghna. She has still not come out of the b'day mood.Wants everyday to be her b'day :)

Coming back to stitching, another floral block on the bed linen is complete . This time I used two types of filling stitches. Can you identify them?

The darker shade flower is stitched using Roumanian stitch/Roman stitch. Note the texture of the petals. This is a variation of satin stitch where the satin stitch is tied down in the centre with a couching stitch. It is usually used when the area to be covered is larger and cannot be managed with satin alone. For still larger spaces, the stitch will have to be couched with multiple couching stitches and then it is called Roumanian couching. I used three strands of silk here due to which the petals look a bit heavy. The center is padded satin with french knots outline.

For the flower in the lighter shade I did try the same stitch,but it didn't look good - may be because the petals were too thin. So I settled for single strand slanted satin stitch. The single leaf is filled with herringbone stitch and the stem,for a change, is stitched with coral knots.

Here is a very interesting link for roumanian stitch

A very well written article on Romanian stitch at heritage shoppe

Iam sort of relieved that I completed this block. Infact, I pulled out various stitches atleast three or four times on this pattern. I was beginning to think that cloth is going to give up and come apart :)
Iam off to start the next floral block. There are plenty of filling stitches,but not all go with the pattern . If any of you have any suggestions for new stitches, please let me know.

Love,luck and sunshine


Miss 376 said…
I've never heard of that stitch before. That's the joy of blog reading, you get to learn so much. I like the look of it. Look forward to the next block
nima said…
Deepa, you use different stitches for different blocks on same bed linen, or on different linen...did i miss to read any of your posting

If it is on same linen...it will be interesting...looking forward to see the finished linen.

I'm always lazy to stitch on bed linen and saree, because i use same motifs with same stitches and it is too boring for me to finish a bedspread or a saree
Ninu said…
Deepa, ur new stitch is very beautiful!!for a beginner like me I can bookmark your page.look forward to the next block
Anusuya said…
Hi Deepa,

The block looks lovely and bright. i think you can try chain filling stitch or stem stitch filling with shaded thread and even kantha stitch,if they goes with the pattern.

Anonymous said…
Hi Deepa,
It's a lovely piece and
I'd like to suggest few filling stitches
1.closed herringbone stitch
2.cretan stitch
3.slanting satin stitch
happy stitching
Deepa said…
Hello Anon,
Thank you for the suggestions. These stitches have already been used :)