Embroidered bed linen - Ceylon stitch, Detached blanket stitch,Open fishbone stitch

Here are the answers to the guess the stitches post.

I've used Ceylon stitch for the top flower. I had to use Anchor perle cotton for this one since I found the stranded threads a bit difficult. That's why the heavy look. Ceylon stitch is best done with perle cotton type of threads ( those which cannot be split) .

Since the bottom flower was more opened out repeating Ceylon stitch didn't seem suitable . And so attempted the detached buttonhole/blanket stitch with outline stitch . It doesn't look bad, does it?

The stem is filled with stem stitch. In BE this method of filling is called heavy stem stitch.

The leaves are made up of Open fishbone stitch. OFB is slightly different from the regular fishbone stitch. Check out this link for the stitch method.

Ok, that's all for now. Most of you may be busy with Christmas preparations. This is the time when the generosity in blogger's world increases ten manifold. So many free patterns and tutorials have been posted all around the blogs. Last year, I had decided that I would send out handmade cards to all my friends. But its almost mid December and Iam yet to start. :(

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. It looks very effective, I particularly like the top flower

  2. I think it all looks great, although with Miss 376 I prefer the top flower's look.

    Nice work, Deepa!

    Why not print out some of the lovely photos you've posted this year as cards for your friends?

  3. Hi Deepa,
    ceylone stitch is somehting new to me. It looks very nice as filling. If it possible cud u post closeup of it..when I zoomed the pic it looks blurr. Really wants to give a try

  4. deepa.. bed linen is very beautiful.. and i liked ceylon stitched flower and heavy stem stitch..

  5. I realised that both the flowers are different only after you pointed it out....:(...whatsoever, its very beautiful...

  6. deepa...recently i went throught ur blog nd all the works r really superb can u please tell wat type of white cloth ur using

  7. Hi Maya,
    This is a plain cotton bedsheet I bought from one of the stores. Not a very high priced one,but quite ordinary material.
    Thanks for visiting!!!

  8. When you do up a bedsheets and choose the design to be embroidered how do you duplicate the pattern?I feel at a loss to finish the whole rectangle.


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