Embroidered Bedlinen - A project on filling techniques in Embroidery

Hello everyone!!!

Here is the index of all the posts related to my embroidered bedlinen. This project was envisioned with the idea of compiling the major filling techniques/stitches in surface embroidery on one piece of cloth.

The following links will take you to the posts related to this project.These are not actually tutorials, but it surely would give you an idea regarding the numerous filling stitches available .Probably you could use them in some of your projects.

Happy Stitching !!! :)

The beginning - design phase

Pattern tracing and deciding the colors

Block 1 - Herringbone stitch, Pistil Stitch , Cretan Stitch, Seed stitch

Block 2 - Fishbone stitch, Satin Variations

Block 3 -Roumanian Stitch, Slanted Satin Stitch

Block 4 - Kashmir Work ( Chain stitch filling), Fly Stitch

Block 5 - HoneyComb Blanket filling, French knots

Block 6 & 7 - Blanket stitch, Berry Stitch, Fishbone stitch and Chemanthy stitch

Block 8 - Ceylon stitch, Detached Blanket stitch and Open fishbone stitch

Block 9 - Vandyke stitch

Block 10 - Laid Work and Alternate satin stitch

Block 11 - Challah work/Chinese Knots and Basket stitch

Block 12 - Filling with Couching, Bullion Stitch, Pistil stitch and Fishbone stitch

Block 13 - Fur Stitch & Chain stitch roses

Block 14 - Trellis Couching, Spiral Trellis stitch and Free Trellis Stitch

Block 15 - Needleweaving - Kamal Kadai and Queen's Anne stitch

Block 16 - Long and short stitch and completed work

Love,luck and sunshine,