All the way from South Africa :)

Hmm... What could it be?

Aaaha!! Kits,beautiful kits!!! All the way from South Africa.

The NeedlePainting kits have finally arrived. Iam a relieved girl *grin*.

If there could be an entry in the record books for the first purchase of a needlepainting kit in India from abroad - I guess it'll go to me :)
These are kits designed by Trish Burr who is an expert in Needle Painting with Long and short stitch. By Indian standards the kits and shipping is a bit pricey,but her works were so beautiful that we decided to go for it. One kit without the threads will come to about 700-800 Rs. Would you believe if I said that the above bunch cost us almost 7000 indian rupees (140 $)!!!This was a group buy and so the shipping cost was shared.

Let me give you a glimpse of the contents - The kit has two pieces of fabric,one with the design printed and another scrap of fabric for practice. Additionally, there are the stitch instructions ,couple of fine quality crewel needles and the thread chart. One has the option of buying the threads along with the kit.Otherwise, anchor/dmc threads could be bought by oneself.

The first view of the printed fabric gave me a jolt - after seeing the closeup image of the stitched piece while ordering, I didn't expect such a small design.But then it made sense - imagine doing long and short stitch on a gigantic flower - wouldn't be fun at all.Small is beautiful :)

If you are not aware of Trish Burr and her works, check out her site. You can order the kits from this page. Her works continue to amaze and inspire me everytime I visit. Check out the free project in this page.

Happy viewing,
Love,luck and sunshine,


Miss 376 said…
Oh you lucky thing, these kits are beautiful. Enjoy every minute stitching them
Susan/CqLily said…
Congratulations! Her things are beautiful! Don't forget you can contact her by email for help, advice, questions, when you have bought her kit! What a great service available!
You and your friends have a great time...
Tatkis said…
Thank you very much for your story! I'd seen several kits, when we were in South Africa during our vacation, but there were only large flowers bouquets and I was afraid of the technique, yours are much better :)
Laurette said…
Hi, Deepa,
Beautiful kits. You will enjoy doing them very much. Thread painting is really beautiful works.
Good luck and enjoy.
Hi Deepa,
Naturally ,feeling jealous...such kits are a dream to posses.Never to let go ,i have managed to track the book by Trish Burr in Landmark.[online]Will inform you first about the purchase.till then Happy Needling.