All about BE threads - Part 2

Well, as promised in the Part 1 of all about BE threads, here's my stash of threads.First let me show you the organized one. Once they are cut, BE threads have to be stored separately, since there is every possibility of these getting tangled. For my current set of threads,I've a thread organizer .

These plastic organizers store about 16 skeins. They are pricey in the sense that you need to keep buying more if you've more threads. Seeing my craze for BE , Judy,a good friend of mine sent me this.

The organizer is pretty convenient as far as checking out the various types of thread is concerned. You can insert the tag on top as shown. To pull out each strand you've to be a little careful and gentle though. To see what happens if you're careless,just click on the first photo and have a look at the 6th skein from right :)

Now for the not so organized set,

These are the ones which are still unused - to start using Edmar rayon, you've to cut the skein under the tag -not the entire skein,but the part which is tied together with a small thread. See the arrow in the pic below.

Just move the tag slightly to one side and you'll find the knotted part. With a sharp scissor,cut it and let the thread unravel by slightly shaking it.

Here's my second set. Any beginner will be confused with the variety of threads available - I too was - but once you do a project,everything becomes easy.

The third set- each bundle reminds me of the dollars spent, and Iam hesitant to use them :) My dear dollars, come back puhhleeeaase....

Hmm.. that was a little something about Rayon threads. Though these threads are predominantly used for Brazilian Embroidery, you can use them for other forms of embroidery too. Believe me, the beauty of your work will increase ten manifold. Has anyone of you used it for surface embroidery? or for cross stitch? How do you store your threads ? Do you use boxes or bags? New ideas for storing threads are welcome. I need them.

Love, luck and sunshine,


Leela said…
hi deepa
i hav gone thru part1 and 2 abt BE threads.your pictorial presentation of BE threads was very informative..thank u for sharing the info which i wanted to know these days..
Lakshmi said…
cut the saree packs in to H shape (u can see ricrac laces in 'embroidery materials' post in my blog) and wind the rayon threads n keep them in plastic covers n store in a plastic boxes...i experienced the problem whn cone thread tangled..they get coiled n make the stitch troublesome..
Creative Cotton said…
hi! Found your blog while I was going through indian craft blogs. It's lovely and and colorful.
neki desu said…
what a succulent stash!!
neki desu
jayashree said…
Hi Deepa,

Thanks for the 2 part highly informative stuff on the BE threads. One more question for you. How do you get them in India?
Deepa said…
Well,Jayashree...the answer is simple and the method is expensive. Buy from the U.S and ship to India.You can get it from Srilanka too..but it is even more expensive.
jayashree said…
Hi Deepa,

Thanks for the prompt response. Will keep that in mind.