Dori Embroidery

Today's post is about an embroidery method which is unique only for its name, the method of stitching is a well known one - infact ever since I did the outlining technique series ,especially this post, I've wanted to tell you about this. Well here's the pic :

What do you think this is? Guessed right!!! - Couching .This embroidery style is known as "Dori Embroidery" in India - It is basically couching with 'dori' ( thick thread).We also embellish the embroidery with stones,sequins ,beads etc.Here I've done dori work on the neckline of a top.Click on the image for better view.

The orange dori has been couched with two strands of metallic thread. Had I used one strand ,the effect would've been better still. Those black spots are pencil marks which will disappear once the piece is washed.

Here in India, we get special kind of threads called Cone threads. These are meant for Kamal Kadai work and dori work.

Does it need to be told why these are called 'cone' threads ? - quite obvious,isn't it?

I could've use this thread which is orange + metallic instead of plain orange couched with separate metallic thread. The effect would've been better. But Iam saving this for some one.

That's a little something about dori embroidery. You can also do abstract art with the dori as in this one :

Click on the image for a better view. If you're wondering what this is all about - well, it was a desperate attempt by me to hide some colors which had run onto my daughter's brand new skirt from some other fabric while washing. The skirt was her favorite ( and mine too) so I couldn't just let it go waste. Yours truly attempted a cover up over the stains using random couching with rayon threads and gave it a little shine using 3D glitters. Now this skirt is my daughter's 'MOST' favourite ;)
Hey!! , since I used Rayon threads, that makes it Brazilian embroidery too...two birds with one stone !!!

Time up!!! Do let me know your thoughts through your comments or mails. I love hearing from you.

Till next post,
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Miss 376 said…
I love what you have done with your daughter's skirt, it is beautiful. No wonder it is her 'Most Favourite'
Art4Sol said…
So simple, but the results are beautiful!
lakshmi said…
Deepa ,
want to know can we use cone threrads instead rayon threads...will it be ok for BE..did u try BE with this thread..pls reply
Glass Beads said…
Cute work on your little one's skirt.
neki desu said…
thanks for your visit and kind comments.
don't be fooled, my brain is pretty normal, but you're welcome to pick it

neki desu
Ninu said…
u r very talented..its simple but beautiful..
saw ur post on kamal kadai work.. can u show something more.. its interesting..
Mamatha Inamdar said…
Very pretty and very lively Deepa. I too am crazy about embroidery & tatting. Can you please tell, where I can get the threads for the Brazilian Embroidery in Bangalore

Great Work :)
Anonymous said…
Dear Deepa,

Want to ask abount the difference between dori work and pita work that we see on designer lehanga
Deepa Balagopal said…
Dear Anon,
Both are different,check this link for pitta work