Kutchwork shisha tutorial - Part 2 , the interlacing

At last I have managed to take the pictures of interlacing the kutch framework . There are a lot of pictures ,so you may have to wait a while for all of them to get loaded. It is difficult to explain this method verbally, so I've relied more on pictures rather than description.

For those joining in late, we're doing the shisha using Kutchwork.The first part of the tutorial is here. I am not using the mirror for this tutorial ,but once you learn how to stitch this pattern,you can always tack or glue a shisha in the middle and do the weaving on it.

In the last post, we have completed the framework .Here, I'll show how the interlacing is done.

I've used a light colored thread (six strands) for the interlacing .

Step 1. The starting point is between 1 and 8.Come up between the points 1 and 8.

Have a careful look at the pic above. The three white lines correspond to the sequence in which I'll interlace the squares (or diamonds).

The sketch for reference!!

Step 2 : Follow the over ,under sequence. You're going inside the square.

Step 3: Now move out.Check the pictures below.

Your frame will look like this after step 3.

Step 4: Moving back into the square - over and under the purple thread

The kutch base looks like this.

Step 5: The top part of the square is complete. We'll now move to the next square. Once the top section of three squares in the line are interlaced ,on the return journey we'll interlace the bottom half

Repeat the same sequence as in the first square for the next squares in the line.

Step 6 : Start the return journey.
In the picture below, I've shown a common mistake we tend to do. The over,under sequence needs to be followed based on the purple (the base) thread,not the current interlacing thread.

Step 7: Go back into the last square to interlace the second half. Follow the pictures to complete the interlacing of the first line.

Step 8: Once you reach at the starting point,go down and come up at the next line (9 and 16)

Step 9 : Repeat the above steps from 1 to 8 for the second and third line too.

The completed pattern!!

Now you can try the same with big sequins or mirrors or even with four small mirrors,glued in the appropriate open squares. I hope you enjoyed learning something totally new :)

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. thank you very much for the tute deepa...very clearly illustrated..!

  2. What a lovely pattern, you are just so clever.
    hugs - Miche'le

  3. i have a book having this pattern of kutchwork but i didn't know to do this type.Thank you for sharing.

  4. thanks, thanks, thanks, I have tried with an other technic, it was not so beautiful!!!I must trying! You are an exceptional person!
    It's a wonderful work!

  5. Such a great tutorial Deepa..Thanks a ton!!!Your efforts are always appreciable....

  6. u have done a grt job dear..I realy enjoyed learning it..thanks a ton..deepa..

  7. Thanks a lot.I was looking for some Sisha work for quite sometime. Will try this out.

  8. Wow! Lovely result Deepa! I can imagine it in a solid thread for the 1st step and a matching varigated for the second.......The two colors you used really shows up the stitches. Thank you.

  9. Thanks for this great tutorial, Deepa! I want to try this soon, I found some big sequins in my stash!

  10. thank you for both the tutorials, they are very good, and easy to understand.

  11. Hi Deepa
    Many thanks for this tute. though scared of kutch work but after seeing this i'll be dafinately taking plunge at it very soon.

  12. thank you very much for this original pattern so well explained and illustrated !

  13. Wonderful tutorial Deepa.Though I know how to do it,I like following your blog for any such tutorial.The two colours used will be really helpful for those who don't know and also a great idea to do it this way.

  14. Wonderful tutorial! I enjoy your blog, I hope you'll continue to share and to teach!
    Pacific Northwest, Washington

  15. Your tutorial helped me with my first trials. I didn't used sequins yet, but I used an unusual fabric for it. Thanks again for sharing this.

  16. Thank you so much Deepa! All your tutorials even small kid can follow so easily! You are a good Tutor!


  17. Really appreciate you for taking the time and posting such good tutorials... very easy to follow. Keep up the good work..

  18. Ai
    I liked it. Let me give a trial.

  19. catching up mode here.
    thank you awesome tute!!will try it this winter when it's nice and cool

  20. Hi Deepa, ur blog is amazing,just happened to see when browsing for embroidery,i didn't learn embroidery,after visiting urs i have decided i must learn, keep going, see u ,bye.

  21. Do u know how hard I tried to learn this stitch from my mom? Now, after almost 18 years I learnt it from you! My mom would have been really proud of me :(

  22. Do you know how hard I tried to learn this stitch as a kid from my mom? And now, almost after 18 years, suddenly I learn it on a fine day! Thanks to you! I wish I could send a cloth full of this stitch to her, she'd have been so happy!

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  24. very nice.... Its very clearly illustrated...

  25. Hi Deepa I am gritting confused with the second diognal . Could I request you to add a diagram with a different colour for the second diognal filler (with numbers, if possible please)

  26. Hi deepa mam thank you soooo much it is really fantastic work

  27. Thanks Deepa, Step 8 clarifies my confusion. Earlier i requested you to use different colour for second diognal. Now with the picture at Step 8 it is clear. May be i missed your photo at Step 8 earlier. Thanks and Regards

  28. Thank you sooooooo sooooo much !! I loved it and learnt it. Fantastic job!!

  29. Hi deepa, thank u for the tutorial. For the second of diamonds there is overlap of the lacing. Is there any way we can prevent it.

  30. This is ofcourse ARMENIAN embroidery


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