A child's pleasure v/s aesthetic sensibilities

If there is a conflict between the two, who wins in the end?

The little one,of course :)

After the kutchwork shisha on the pyjamas, I tried my level best to put an end to the little lady's demand for more bling on it. But she was persistent . So I buried all my artistic senses and added these ....

Flowers with Kundan and a round of seed beads in the middle and two layers of flat sequins as petals.

These are the kind of flowers found commonly in Indian dresses .Since stitching these flowers take some time, more the number of flowers , the more expensive the dress will be.

Needless to say, she was in seventh heaven and wore it immediately without even allowing me to add some connecting vines .

Thus the pyjama saga ends!!

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. The customer is always right, lol. Better for her to be happy and wearing them

  2. What a lucky little girl to have pajamas that look that great! No regular ol' flannel for her.

  3. very nice..... no doubt kids will be happy to wear these type of glittering dresses

  4. Deepa, you made your little girl happy and that's what counts. But I also think the bling is very pretty!
    Those are certainly the most elegant PJ's I have seen!

  5. Your ability with the needle has no limit. Such a pretty and patient work!

  6. Deepa, it's very beautiful!!
    Do you intend to do a tutorial for your kutch pattern?
    I have tried, it was the pattern, but not done so well than yours and on my purse; the regularité of the stitches is very important.
    I have commanded a french book about Kutch embroidery, but I think that it's not with pattern but photos and travel'journal of a french artist: Francine Flattard. I am waiting this book ...Write about more later.

  7. This is lovely! Bling bling makes evey girl happy.

  8. That makes a lovely pyjama and a very unique piece one can have. your little one is a lucky girl.

  9. who cares about connecting vines when there are beads and sequins, i mean :)
    she must be one pleased little miss.


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