The foundation - tree trunk

At last!! I've managed to stitch the tree trunk .It took a while - would've been faster and better filled up had it been machine embroidered.

Before I started embroidering it, I was pretty sure of one thing - the trunk had to look rugged,uneven and strong - not smooth and uniform. So one stitch for outline would not work - it had to be a mix of all. Thus the outline has stem stitch,coral knots,blanket stitch,straight stitches and chain stitch used randomly. Click on the photograph for a better view and zoom .I've left it large enough for you to see clearly. If you're not sure of any of the above mentioned stitches,just check this post on outlining techniques.

The inside of the trunk is mainly double running stitch (Holbein stitch) ,split stitch and chain stitch using anchor stranded cotton.

Some time back, Meri had generously gifted me some art silk threads (vegetable silks).I used those for the outline.The napkin bag in the background is also from her :)

The brown one in the above pic is Meri's and the green is mine. Notice the difference in twist? The brown thread seems to be untwisted. In the green the twist is more visible .I could split the Portuguese silk to eight strands .It frayed a lot,but never twisted itself to tangles like rayon.

What do you think? Are these untwisted silks? Have you ever used them? Do you feel that it makes any difference to your embroidery?
This question is specially for Indians -Where do we get to buy them in India?

Coming back to the embroidery ,I've left out the branches,that'll be done along with the greenery. What do you think the top part is going to have? :)

hint...26 ;)

Luv,luck and sunshine,


  1. I think the silk is untwisted.
    Here the silk is not split into strands is used all together.
    I don't know if that silk is what I see as "flat" silk...
    As far I know we only have the Castelo Branco embroidery done with silk.
    Lovely to see silks being in good hands :)Thanks!

  2. I have seen in Japanese embroidery the use of untwisted silk. What they do is hand twist each length before sewing. As what you have is probably reeled silk it will still be strong without twisting, but the twist gives a nice roundness to the stitch and probably makes it easier to handle.

  3. Wow, no wonder it took a long time. The stitching is so fine. Can't wait for the next installment

  4. Hi
    i am not commenting on the twists since i do not know much about that but loved the start:-), i can imagine the tree now

  5. vegetable silk aka rayon floss is untwisted and yes, frays like crazy.
    real silk floss frays less because silk is more resistant to abrasion.

  6. Mary Corbet had an article on her blog awhile ago about the varying twists of threads and how they work best. Unfortunately I can't remember the exact date of the post, but perhaps a search of her site would bring it to light.

  7. I am in no position to comment about twisted and untwisted floss, but your tree trunk has me initrigued and expectant of what will come next!

  8. Deepa I wonder what your tree is going to bear...i would love to see some colorful puffy fruits or flowers and a few birds on it. i guess the hint 26 is linked with your last month’s blog post made on 26, if it’s so then you are going to fill it with daisies or the tiny red flowers..:)

  9. Thanks a lot for your kind information dear.


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