Embroidered apples

The latest attempt...

Initially the idea was to fill both the apples, but this appealed to me. I used only two stitches - stem stitch for filling and outlining and satin stitch for the stem. While I was stitching ,it suddenly occurred to me that I had missed out the stem stitch filling in my earlier embroidered bedlinen. Sometimes we fail to see the most obvious things,right?

In the filled apple ,I've left a gap to be embroidered in white.But from afar it didn't look as if it needed it.What do you think?

Notice the variation in thickness of the leaves? The one in the background is completely with one strand of red and green. The foreground apple is stitched with two strands of Rosace embroidery thread.
This was my first attempt with Rosace stranded cotton and yes, the thread is good. It is a little pricey for the Indian market(19 Rs) , so I'll persist with my anchor threads for now.

That's about it for now.

Last week, out of the blue I received a call from another institution for handling one of their courses. Since it was more of a request for help rather than formal appointment, I agreed and now I've a packed schedule for the next couple of months.By the time this ends, my university classes will start again and little one's school too...sigh!! our vacation plans have evaporated into thin air..
On a more positive note, if I do not work now,when else will I?

So,I am off to prepare for tomorrow's lecture...ta ta,

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. I love the contrast between your apples. The empty space in the filled one adds a bit of zest. I like it!

  2. Deepa, the embroidered apples look really nice! Good luck with your busy schedule coming up, hope you will still have time to stitch!

  3. love this one. I think you should fill that gap..good luck with the lectures

  4. I'm for filling the gap in red... yummy stuff!

  5. Very pretty apples, I love the use of different thread thickness, I would fill the gap with white.
    Congratulations for your latest engagement, it is a kind of compliment to ask you to handle a course, is it not?

  6. Very pretty Embroidery.I love the way you have done it.Good luck with your busy schedule,and that is how I prefer to keep myself too.I have started stitching frocks for my Grand daughter now.


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