Schwalm project : Toddling along

Wasn't I supposed to show you my progress in Schwalm ?

After finishing the transfer and outlining with coral knots ,

....which was quite easy (click on the photographs for a better view,I've left them big enough)

the flower petals were filled in with buttonhole scallops,

 and these too were fine except for some squished petals here and there.I had to squint and peer very closely as the carbon markings on white were very faint.

 But I did manage these teeny flowers reasonably well

and this one too looks fine, right?
I was quite happy with the progress, until I started...

SATIN STITCH!!! ...egad!!!
Who knew that satin stitching on even weave would be so difficult? And the leaves were tiny...that made my job all the more difficult. Most of the leaves have been stitched,frogged and stitched again.The above pic is one of my decent finishes . I am not showing you the messy ones...;)
So now, the piece looks like this...

By the way,I got my eyes tested yesterday ;) 

I've repeated the same pattern on the opposite side of the cloth .So that's two out of 4. I am in no mood to repeat this a 3rd and 4th time to complete the square. What if I change the design on those sides? I am considering that option . Would that look good? What do you think?

Thank you for your kind words on my student's work. I just wish all those who've learned through me would get inspired and at least show me some of their attempts.
Till next post,
Love ,luck and sunshine,


  1. 'buttonhole scallops' are looking very beautiful. Awesome!!!

  2. Deepa, this is absolutely gorgeous! I don't see why you can't change up the opposite sides... I guess it depends upon your intended use and whether or not both sides will be visible, because you would hate one side to be hidden if it is different than the ones showing... no matter what you choose, I can see the finished product will be marvelous. Hugs.

  3. Gorgeous!!and very classy too..then changing the design, I am not voting for that.:(

  4. This is truly beautiful Deepa, please show us more as you finish it.

  5. Oh, those buttonhole scallops, how pretty and effective they look! I do love this white on white embriodery.

  6. Beautiful work thanks for sharing!

  7. Deepa...This is absolutely beautiful.
    Your work is fantastic. Always something new to look at.

  8. Elegant is the word that I would use to describe yr work

  9. hi
    first time here .
    you have a great website here.
    there is so much to learn !!

  10. Satin stitch is a very difficult stitch to do well, and even an evenweave fabric doesn't always help. I think you've done well - just always slow down for satin stitch, and don't be afraid to add lines for stitch direction if you are working an odd shape.

  11. Deepa it would be fine to change the designs on the other two sides. I did a cloth with 4 different designs. I get bored doing the same thing over and over again....besides by the time you get to the 4th side, the stitching is so much better and you feel like pulling the first one out.

    Deepa you are going really well with your schwalm. Keep going. i am following your progress.

    By the way, I love your golden wattle shower as well.


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