Beaded Kamal Kadai - a mini tutorial

Tutorial time!!!
Couple of months back, I received a mail from Linda Chadwick regarding a variation of Kamal Kadai which her mom had done. While corresponding about the same, I'd told her that I'd try and post a tutorial on how to do this variation.For those who're unaware of Kamal Kadai aka Navar Kuttu aka Teneriffe ,here's the tutorial of the actual method.

Today's variation is slightly different from the original in that it uses beads and a slight change in the weaving method.Let us see how it goes.Click on the photographs for better view.

Step 1:

Here's the basic structure of the flower Iam going to stitch.
Step 2:

Add lines in a staggered manner to each petal. First draw the middle line from the tip of the petal to the base . Then add even number of lines to either side. Remember, the total number of divisions in each petal should be odd.

Step 3:
The base for weaving is being created here.Come up at the bottom of the petal and string the bead. Note that I've marked the hole through which the thread enters the bead as 'A'.

Step 4:

Go down according to the diagram made earlier and come up at a point close by.

Now, pass the needle through 'A' again and go down to tack down the bead. If you don't do this ,your bead will be running up and down the thread. You don't want that,do you?

Step 5 :
Complete the foundation. The beads should've been smaller. It would've looked a little more elegant.I didn't have smaller sized ones , so I 'adjusted' with these :) They are of poor quality,you can see that many are peeling off.I got them about 5 years back to try beading bottles.Still haven't attempted that, so here they are :)

Step 6 :

Start the weaving as in the original tutorial . Note that after a certain level, you've to skip the outer most foundation lines so as to give a step by step effect. Let me show you one more pic.
Have a look at the pic above.After weaving through the entire 7 lines in the petal for 7 or 8 times, I skipped the lines marked with red and continued the weaving through the middle 5 lines. Then I skipped the outer lines in that bunch ,weaved through remaining 3 lines and ended the weaving slightly below the top beads.
Here's the completed flower with the jumbo beads. To be frank, I don't like those beads there at all.If you're attempting this method,get some smaller beads.Small is always beautiful!!

This flower is infact stitched on a recycled cushion cover with the old dupatta. It looks like this now.
Iam wondering what to add on for the completed look. Some more jumbo beads here and there? Some flowers here and there? What do you think?I seem to be running short of ideas.
An undergrad guy has been coming to learn programming during the past few days.He was desperate as there is only one month left for the final exam and he has absolutely no idea what programming is.Iam trying my best to help him out.So my head is kind of stuffed with programming concepts now. This tutorial sprouted somewhere in the middle of all that.Hope you enjoyed it.

Ok then, I'll see you around,
Love,luck and sunshine,


Coming out of lurkdom Deepa to thank you for this tutorial! I have never seen this done before and I love it. Can't wait to try it! Would you mind if I printed your instructions off so I can refer to it?
neki desu said…
this one with beads is fascinating.
thanks for posting
Walden said…
Very lovely! I will need to try this!
Hello deepa,
A Good Variation.I did this work with sequins in a top for Aparna.It was a brass colour bead.But this concept never struck me to put it in the tip.Can you try with a contrast thread for the Spikes[?]'n'Beads?Beading well explained.This is a wonderful Patience weaving.
This is so beautiful! I found you through a comment you made on Mary Anne's blog. I may just need to use this on one of my bead journal pieces. If you take a check out my blog in the next couple of days, you'll be able to see my latest addition. I can't take my photos today as it's too windy and dull.

Anonymous said…
I'm so excited to try this after viewing the tutorial. Deepa, it's a wonderful thing you're doing! Thank you, Linda
Miss 376 said…
I've never seen this before, it looks really effective. Thanks for the tutorial
Linda said…
I sent a comment, but don't think it went through.
I'm so excited to try your tutorial. It was wonderful of you to take the time to make this. Mother would have been so pleased.
Thanks! Linda
Pratima Kapoor said…
Hi deepa
This is just beautiful. Kamal kadai with beads is great idea.Would love to try it out.Many thanks for the tutorial and thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog.
Looking forward to more beautiful tutorials from you.
Debbie said…
This is such a beautiful design, Deepa! Thanks for the tutorial. I must try this sometime. You've made something detailed look so easy!
aracne said…
How pretty is this! I love the use of beads, the embroidery seems more precious.
very cute idea..... expecting more different ideas
Thendral said…
Lovely deepa, I will try this.
Shree said…
My first time here and I am bowled over.. u have a great place here :)
Suztats said…
Hi Deepa, I like the effect: it reminds me of cluny tatting, too.
Linda said…
I am tickled to death there is so much positive response to Mother's embroidery adaptation! I actually do like your larger beads as an alternative,especially on the pillow. The original designs were done on cotton tee shirts, and needed a smaller bead. You are definitely a creative, artistic lady. If I can stop knitting long enough, I'll try some of your other designs - I am partial to the shadow embroidery. Love to you, Linda
sujatha said…
Hi Deepa,
Nice and creative variation. This improvisation is superb.
Maggieb.Bounty said…
This is a wonderful design Deepa. I just love what the weaving creates and the beads are a lovely touch.
hey deepa, lovely tutorial. you have certainly taken embroidery to the next level. I might give this a go. Don't know if you have finished you cushion by now, but what you could do to complete your cushion is either add some more of these motifs at the corner in a spray or maybe use different sized beads and heavier thread to make motifs of different sizes.
Mahalakshmi said…
Beautiful work Deepa.I will try this.Your tutorial is always wonderful.
Ninu said…
great one deepa,love this improvised version of kamal kadai
Dianne said…
What a wonderful way to do a flower design! Will have to try this one day. Thank you for your clear, easy to understand tutorial. Dianne
Walfrida said…
Love this flower ... Is really a great detail and idea!! Congratulation!!!
Sumy Sunil said…
Nice one..Should try this idea somewhere..let me think of one
nalinianbarasu said…
Hi Deepa,

Thanks for your tutorial . Wonderful design. Beaded kadai kamal is a great idea.

Best of luck.
Rosali said…
Gracias por compartir el tutorial de esta linda flor. Saludos desde México.
Elmsley Rose said…
What a lovely flower! I'd love to do it on a card as a lovely little present for someone.....Thankyou!
Brilliant! Thank you so much!
magdamagda said…
i just found your blog and this post is amazing! I am so excited, can't wait to try this!
nima said…
wow..awesome Deepa. i think i missed while i was on holidays. lovely illustrated pictures...thank you for sharing
Anu Menon said…
Thank goodness for your blog!!! this stitch has been at the tip of my tongue and I was asking my Mom too - finally found it :
Anonymous said… god.......this is soooooo
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much I love it. i will be putting this in my handwork.
Have only just come across your post and am so glad I did. This is just beautiful. I have been looking for something different to try and this is it. Thank you so much for sharing.
Pavitra said…
Very beautiful, i definitely try this.
Anonymous said…
Deepa, this tutorial is widely copied on youtube.Some people don't have ideas of their own.
Deepa said…
Thank you for your concern anon.I can't stop copycats, so I have stopped posting tutorials.