Selena?? who's she?

Aren't these the days when we miss our mothers the most ?  They would be there, keeping an eye on you, trying to feed you something warm and fresh....sigh!! 
Ironic,isn't it? When we're little ,we're so eager to become 'big' ,but when we grow up, we wish to relive our childhood.
By the way, who's Selena? I too didn't know who she was until I found this series of pictures . Selena or Queen of the night is a flower that blooms only one midsummer night.She's beautiful,huge and smelly,oops sorry ...fragrant :) !! 
Ask me why I was looking around for her? Because the miniature design I was stitching was titled Selena's sister. I looked for the sister,but couldn't find her and found Selena instead. Then I realised that the piece was inspired from Selena and hence the name Selena's sis. Whatever be the case, Iam getting to know some new flowers and some nice names,thanks to BE :)

This is again a Rosalie Wakefield design  for the intermediate/advanced brazilian embroiderers.Quite a few new stitches here and tiny seed beads too. 
I've made some progress in the Schwalm piece and will show you where I stand in my next post.
But before I sign off, I've to show you a pic. Guess who got inspired from my painting attempts??

I'd to part with a canvas I'd kept for further trials with acrylic and the little one came up with this.She wanted me to put the pic on "ma's computer". So here it is. A promise is a promise :) 
I love the colors,I must admit.And much better than some so called abstract paintings of world famous artists that go on sale for millions.A mother's opinion...ofcourse :)

Till my next post,
Take care,
Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. Even I think about my mother whenever I am feeling sick. The embroidery is cute. Its always happy to see our kids do things like this... a budding artist.(The flowers in the link are very beautiful). Waiting to see more miniatures. take care.

  2. wow...lovely flower and cute painting by your daughter

  3. Beautiful painting meghna dear. keep it up.
    Selena is also too good.I like the color combination.

    (glass beads)

  4. What a stunning flower... you always find such lovey things to post about! And I love your brazilian replica of it, the variegated thread is a lovely shade. Your little one's paining is filled with lovely bright colours... looks like she is going to be taking after her "ma" as she grows up! Hugs.

  5. Chicken Soup Deepa, that is what I always fed my family....and also I used to make a drink with egg and milk...beat the egg yolk and milk with vanilla, then whip the white and sugar until stiff and fold into the egg drink

    Love your Brazilian flower it is so nice.

    But was most impressed with the little one's have a real budding artist there.

    Get well soon,

    love shirley

  6. embroidery is cute.. bt i luv the painting old is she?

  7. Lovely flower and nice painting by your daughter.Take care Deepa

  8. hope you're on the mend.drink lots of chai.

  9. Hope you have recovered by now... Your daughter has a great sense of colour...

  10. Hai Deepa, I am new to visit ur blogs.
    Nice posts. Your lil one's painting is too cute. watz her name? my prayers and blessings to her. Keep posting. Take care

    Cheers always,
    rachel chris

  11. your daughter seem to be an artist in making...with a mother so talented she would undoubtedly grow up to be one....


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