Wee bit of stitching

Get up early in the morn

Make tea, breakfast

Prepare 'healthy' snack box for daughter dear (for the whole year... sigh!!)

Wake her up, (this takes 20 minutes)

Brainwash li'l daughter to go to school ...

Brush her teeth, convince her to go and sit in the loo for some time..

Make her eat something.

Get her dressed.

Drop daughter at school

Come back, cook lunch , check mails

Open university textbook for lecture preparation... (zzzzz...)

And...in between all this, take a little time to stitch

This is a small floral sampler Iam working on. Whatever you see is what I've accomplished in the past two weeks. Everyday a little bit.

This one is infact a free pattern. I'll give you the link when I post the update next time.No time at present, have to go and pick daughter up. She comes back by 12.30. The rest of the day will just pass running behind her.

See ya,

Love, luck and sunshine


Miss 376 said…
Amazing what you can accomplish by doing a little everyday
Kathy said…
Your schedule is just like clock work. :) Your sampler looks interesting.