Outlining techniques - Part 7, Cable stitch and Blanket stitch

While looking around for new outlining techniques, I came across a stitch called side by side stem stitch or cable stitch. This is nothing but stem stitch and outline stitch done alternately.

When photographed in the macro mode, the stitches showed some gaps in between (see the arrows) .Though these are not actually visible at a glance, that's a point to be careful about in the future.The yellow portion in the center is whipped cable stitch. The green part is blanket stitched (top) and the stem is stem stitched.

I tried the blanket stitch outlining in another flower too.

I started of with split stitch in the lower portion of each petal and outlined the top with blanket stitch. By the way, the outer layer is couched - doesn't it look better now? Thanks for all your tips. Jane, a big wave to you from India. Your comment was an eye opener :), thanks.

I think I've covered almost all the basic techniques. I've one more method in my kitty. Have I left out or missed any? If I have ,please let me know. I would love to add a few more stitches/flowers to the pillowcase.There's plenty of space left :)

Wait, Iam not finished yet.. If you've been visiting this space frequently , you would know that I refrain from mentioning birthdays,anniversaries,100 posts and stuff. Some I don't keep track and some I keep to myself. Today for a change, I would like to share with you the special day of our life - our wedding anniversary - 8 years of marriage completed ,phew !!! ;) Fortunately ,hubby dear remembered and wished me in the morn , no gifts though - he believes in getting them but not giving :) And would you believe if I say that both of us are reading Bill Cosby's Love and Marriage - what is life without a li'l bit of humour?

Here's a quote from a forward on marriage that landed in my Inbox yesterday -(coincidence , isn't it?)

"Some people ask us the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner,soft music and dancing.She goes tuesdays and I go fridays"

That just about sums it up.

Love,luck and sunshine,


Glad to help out, Deepa. It was just stuff I noticed while looking at other folks' stitching but if it gave you ideas, great!

Jane, waving from the U.S. only about 65 miles from the White House
Miriam said…
I like the way you are documentint your progress with the outline stitches. But I am wondering, how does your cushion looks at the moment (the whole of it)?
Belated happy wedding aniversary, belated though....
Heather said…
Hi Deepa... thanks for visiting my blog... I have been following your little demos here and I admire you for doing them and for pointing out where possible flaws could be, and for asking for suggestions.... keep up the good work. Happy belated anniversary by the way... hope you had a great day :-)
Sangheetha said…
Hi Deepa,
Belated Anniversary Wishes.
I understand that phew :)
I felt the same in my second wedding anniversary itself.. quite fast right...

have a great day :)
Glass Beads said…
Very belated wedding anniversary wishes. i had not been browsing for a long time now. i was busy with my sister dear's marriage which was on May 10. I am yet to catch up with your tutorials. thank you so much for sharing.