Outlining techniques-Part 5-Knotted stitches

Thanks for all your tips on Couching. Initially I did think that the flower looked alright, but when I studied it again I started getting doubts about it. Too much pondering ,I guess.

Well, Iam going to leave the couched flower as it is and try another one with the couching stitches closer to achieve a different look with the same stitch.
Now for the next set of stitches.

Well, the red one is called Coral stitch.The second one is Scroll stitch. Both, as you can see, are knotted outline stitches. I couldn't think of any floral patterns for these ,so I wrote an S and a D. I found the coral stitch easier to do. In scroll I missed the knot a couple of times (the arrow) . Infact, I like the stitch without the knot too - slanted outline.

What are the possibilities with these stitches? Do you have any more ideas on outlining to share? I would love to hear from you.

Will see you in the next post with another method.

Love,luck and sunshine,


MadhuRao said…
Hi Deepa,

You always come up with some innovative ways!! I visit your blog regularly even though i do not leave any comments!!
A Silent learner you see!!
I wanted to be part of the BE course you offered, hey I did leave messages on orkut do you remember!! but somehow cud not make it on the scheduled day! May be some day i will learn BE.

Today i took time to comment cos its your Birthday!! You have given so much to learn, your blog is a real inspiration and motivation to starters like me.

Wishing you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Let happiness surround you always !! Your aspirations turn into reality!! And we get to learn more and more of new types of stitching!!

Happy Birthday in advance!!

Take Care,
Lots of love,
Anonymous said…
Nice post. Thanks