Embroidered,embellished saris

Hello friends,
Today Iam going to show you something totally different from what I usually put in here - this is a sari which has been embroidered by my friend Jyoti. She is quite fond of embellishing saris and wearing them on special occasions.Infact, I'll show you two saris - one which she is currently working on and another one which has been completed.Here are the pics of the currently in progress sari:

A plain sari embellished with white beads. She calls it "Pearl work". She has used white beads of different shapes and silk zari thread. You can see the embroidery hoop still attached on the other side . She was working on this one when I barged in and told her to display her work.

The floral pattern is repeated throughout the 6 meters with the density increasing at the 'pallu' .Totally there are 50 bunches throughout. It does require immense patience to keep repeating the same pattern again and again. 1 is fine,2 is ok, 3 is hmmm, 4 is aarggh!!!..I'll never ever reach 50. Will you?
The close up of the pattern - white beads stitched on to synthetic material with Silk zari thread.Isn't she creative,ladies?

Here is the next one. This one is a black sari with silk ribbon embroidery on it.

The photos do not show justice to the work.

The border pattern is repeated throughout 6 meters on both ends.

This is the 'pallu' - the portion draped over the shoulder.

Another closeup.
These above two saris are the most simple of her works. The heavily embellished ones are yet to be captured. Jyoti belongs to the state of Andhra where embroidery is very popular. Infact, she's the one who introduced me to many traditional stitches. Inspired by her, I've bought two plain saris to embroider and embellish. But I fear, what if I start and do not finish? 6 Meters is not a small length ... should I or should I not?


Miss 376 said…
Absolutely beautiful. How she has kept all the patterns so uniform is amazing. Can't wait to see what you do
Hi Deepa,
Both the sari's are excellent. Usually ladies from andra are highly talented and creative. Thanks for the post deepa. Awaiting to see more of jyothi's work :).
lakshmi said…
lovely works deepa.im partial to pearl work..very good pattern..
Deepa said…
Thanks Jane. I still haven't mustered enough courage to take out mine.
Thanks Savitha, will tell her and get the others snapped.
Yes Lakshmi, I too love the pearl work,that's why I photographed it even before she could complete it.The design is her own - simple and beautiful.
easycrafts said…
U have done so many things, u surely can do a saree too..ur friend's works are amazing..
nima said…
wow..that is amazing....lot of work..
Anonymous said…
Just beautiful.....
manikanta said…
thats a great piece of work. thank you for the limelight - jyothi's bro
Glass Beads said…
Simply beautiful Deepa. I appreciate her patience. Simple yet beautiful design.
Anusuya said…
Hi Deepa,
the saris are so beautiful...I believe one day i will get to see such beautiful saris made by you.... all d best

with love
Chamila said…
Dear Deepa,

The sarees are fantastic. Could you please tell me how you copied the designs to saree? Very Nice sarees again.

Thanks Chamila
Deepa said…
Thanks for the comment.
The transferring is done by professionals.You've have to give the design to them and they do the pattern transfer .They mostly use kerosene dipped cloth in chalk/coal powder.
Maureen said…
Such beautiful work Deepa, she must wear those with pride.
Hello Deepa, The saris is encredibly beautiful. Definitely a true work of art. I am sure you could do it. You are also very talented stitcher. I love seeing all the beautiful sttiching did in your country. Hugs Judy
Deepa said…
Thanks Maureen,Judy,Anu,Anitha,Nima and easycrafts(is that what I should call you?) will surely tell her your comments. Probably she's reading them at this point. She'll be very happy.Her MIL doesnot appreciate but atleast let the world know.
paulahewitt said…
I think your friend should be extremely proud of her work. I think MILs never appreciate these things :)
Hi Deepa,
Inspiration to start a Pearl work in one of my chiffon saree.The printer who transfers the pattern in my material has been pleading for long to get my hand at this work.The black saree in ribbon work is impressive.yes 6 mtrs....its fun...Check my blog for saree updates.Somehow i love those unconditional 6mtrs.Try it.
Michelle said…
I am from the U.S., so I'm not so familiar with traditions in India, but I would think a beautiful garment with such lovely handwork would become a family heirloom, passed from mother to daughter. Am I correct? We have a large Indian population here in Houston, and I love visiting the sari shops and just admiring the fabrics. Lucky you!
Patricia Torres said…
this is lovely!! Jyothi has done a fabulous job!
Srividya said…
Hi Deepa,

Can u tell me where they do design transfers on to fabric in Chennai?
Deepa said…
Hi Vidya,
There's someone at
Mambalam[T.Nagar]-Ranganathan street . He takes two days. Iam trying to find out the exact address,will get back if I succeed.
shobha said…
hi deepa im shobha, if you have kutch work designs for both saree and dress please send me
Jisha said…
Hi Deepa,

Sarees are really beautiful.I have bought 2 saris with pearl embroidery from an expo here in US.But never knew this embroidery is from Andra.And I have a doubt.Silk ribbons are available in India?
Deepa said…
Yes,Jisha,we do get silk ribbons here.But Iam not sure about the quality . I think they are selling satin ribbons as silk :)
Jisha said…
Thank you deepa for the information.I am trying to find silk ribbons here its very costly compared to satins but we cant use satins for silk ribbon embroidery.I get hooked with Brazilian embroidery from your blog .i have bought a book which has iron on transfer patterns.ordered the threads n eagerly waiting for the threads to come.