Honeycomb stitch-ROSE Project

On reading the title if you are assuming that this one is the Honeycomb stitch used for smocking,then you've got it wrong. When I came upon this stitch and its name , I was intrigued - after all the stitch is a very common one- then why this name? - Then I had a second look and realised that its because of the shape created while stitching. I'll show you the pic.
Surprised!!! Well ,this is nothing but the blanket stitch. But look at the shape. It looks like a honeycomb - hence the name. The first row is stitched the usual way. But in the second row,the stitch that goes down under the cloth is kept slightly above the first level so that it pulls the loop up. See the arrow in the above pic. By the way this is not a detached stitch. All stitches are taken through the cloth.
I first came across this stitch ,thanks to this post by Mary Corbett of Needle'n' thread . I had downloaded one of the said books and this stitch was shown in one of the illustrations. This is the only reference I have at present.
This stitch is suitable for filling large areas. Here's a 'Huge' flower with Honeycomb Blanket stitch. Once the interior is filled ,you need to outline the edges. I can imagine table cloths, place mats,sarees and other dresses filled with flowers like these :)

I've one more idea with this one. Hmm.. may be in the next post.
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What a neat little find! Blanket stitch looking like honeycomb...I'll have to try it out y'know...
alicia in Hawaii