Detached Buttonhole stitch variations-ROSE sampler project

This week's addition to the ROSE sample is detached buttonhole. I've been wanting to attempt the 'detached' version of the stitch for quite some time.In the process I tried three different variations of the stitch. No step by step today,but I'll try to explain with a pic.

The pic on your left is DBH on running stitch bars. Do you see the small stitches on the circle outline? Those are running stitches.For the first round I stitched the buttonhole by just passing the needle through the stitches without going through the fabric.
Now, for the variations -watch the green line.
Detached Buttonhole in loop :In the next round,I passed the needle through the big loop that looks like ( . This is the first variation.This is simple but is rather loose filling ,sometimes with gaps.
Detached Buttonhole in loop of loop : The next possibility is looping through the 'e' (I call it s0 because it looks like the running letter e) .Instead of passing through the '(' ,you could pass it through the loop of loop. See the black line.That gives you a much better filling.
Let me show you some pics,
Detached buttonhole in loop ,stitched on backstitched bars.See how loosely the stitches are formed.

Variation 2 : Dbh in loop of loop.I used four strands of anchor cotton for this, though the preferred thread for this stitch is a single strand of any heavy thread like pearl cotton,as in the previous pictures.

And finally, the last variation - have you tried the actual detached version of detached bh? I did.Here it is--

The leaves are detached from the fabric.Truly three dimensional,eh!!

The body is stitched with dbh in loop due to which the stitches are a little loose - but pretty nevertheless. I loved it!! How about you?



Anonymous said…
hi depa,
the first pic gives me a new idea..thanku ...this pattern can be used for mirrors n kundan works...
lakshmi said…
hi deepa is this also called trellis stitch..!!!???
Nelapx said…
Feliz Navidad... muy biena idea... este sitioes hermoso.. voya a├▒adirlo a mis blob.. gracias...
I love detached buttonhole:-) I've never thought about doing it in circle, like this. Thank you for this idea!
Glass Beads said…
Wishing you and your family a very happy and wonderful New Year.

The work is really beautiful!, especially I liked the veriation 2:)

Ninu said…
strawberry s really beautiful..
Ann said…
hey hun, i really admire your work and your page ...though I am not much into embroidery but do like to try my hand sometimes.....guessing this can be used for mirror work? that's the thing I love most about embroidery :D