A question!!

My sincere thanks to all those who appreciated the post on Kamal Kadai.Your kind words have BOOSTED my morale :)

Ok,now for the question -Does anyone know what stitch this is?

Apologies for the poor photos - I couldn't go out to take the pictures,hence the blurred images.
I came to know this method of Indian Embroidery from a friend of mine.She told me the way to stitch this pattern and the name-but it was rather vague.Iam not even sure if I've done it right.The pic you see above was my first attempt.The one below was the second attempt to fill up a larger circle,

which ended up in this manner.See the top left side-absolute miscalculation.But it gave me the idea for this pattern below.

Its almost a paisley,isn't it? - probably needs a little more curve.Ok. Now back to my question.Does this resemble any method or type of embroidery practised somewhere else? Google didnot give me any info.If anyone of you know something about this,please share.


Anonymous said…
i liked ur embroidery n the way u teaches us
i wanna ask a question
can we do kadai work or navar work on kameez or shalwar kameez?
plz ans me as soon as possible
Deepa said…
yes Anon,you can do kadai work on kameez.

Lesley Olivieri said…
You had left a note wanting to know what stitch was shown in some photos in June 2008. I imagine that you already have the answer. It is a Herringbone Chain Stich done in a circle but can be vertical or Horizontal as well.