Embroidery Patterns-Days of the Week series from Tipnut.com

Those among you who are on the lookout for Vintage Days of the week Patterns,here's a resource - The site is tipnut and these are the links to vintage puppy days of the week series , Kitten Days of the week and Gingham fruit days of the week . Once you go there, do spend a little time on the various household tips and Do-it-yourself projects that have been chronicled there. I found quite a few useful ones. Infact, there are several categories of tips and projects. Iam finding it difficult to imagine the piles of paper cutouts she would've hoarded until now.Truly, she's really nuts for tips!!! :)
Disclaimer : I've no commercial interests whatsoever in pointing out these resources ,it's just to share some information which I happen to find while googling.


Drewzel said…
Hi Deepa,
Thanks for the link to tipnut...I'd never heard of them, but now I've found some more patterns to stitch!
xx steph
Thank you for the stitching links! Very nice of you to share!