Colonial Knots and Fishbone stitch

I'm in the learning mode again.This time it's a stitch called Colonial knot. While looking up for French knots, I'd come across this stitch.

Here I've tried to recreate a grape hyacinth .
If you are wondering about the looks of the flower,let me clarify something-the actual flower is really very pretty .Now you know who's to be blamed :)
The flower,obviously, is done up with innumerous colonial knots and the leaves (unfortunately,a bit oversized) with the fishbone stitch - all with anchor cotton threads. I think, this could be categorized as Brazilian Embroidery. If french knots can be ,why can't colonial knots ? And there is a variation called Raised Fishbone stitch which will give the dimension effect to the leaves.I'll just have draw it a little more daintily and restitch with Edmar threads.What 's your opinion ?


Vidya said…
Hi Deepa,

What a pretty craft ! Your work seems to inspire me to try embroidery atleast once.