Sheaf Stitch and Algerian Eye

Two posts in a day!!! That's rare for me :-))

With all the technical writing work going on,I couldn't embroider much for Sharon's TAST.Whatever I could,can be seen in the snaps below.

There's nothing new in there,but the sheaf stitch was a new one for me so I just attempted a few variations with it.Here's a closeup.

Infact,I played a loooo...nnng... catchup and added the Algerian eye stitch which was the TAST challenge for week 6.That's what is seen on the left hand side. The bottom section is wheatear stitch.I started doing the sampler for wheatear on this piece of cloth and then discarded it since I was not too happy with the results and then went on to do this.

I am still trying to complete the second basket in the Ellen's baskets.Will upload the picture soon.