Rolled Roses Complete

Here's the completed basket of Rolled Roses.

I've used 10 wrap bullions for the buds,10,12,13 and 15 wrap bullions for the roses ,Leaf stitch for the leaves,stem stitch for the stems and branches and couching for the fine growth.The basket of creeping flowers stitched using bullions and french knots can be seen seen here.


coral-seas said…
Deepa, thank you for your comment on my blog. I love your rolled roses. I find bullions a challenge and have not done them for my TAST yet, I am still working on my french knots.

You have done some great samples for TAST.

Grihini said…
Hey, came across your blog, its very good. You are making good progress on those roses. Me too interested in hand embroidery. way close to what you do ;)
Good Luck. I will keep coming to your blog and watch your progress.
Dy said…
Your bullion roses are absolutely gorgeous! And the different stitching you've used for the leaves and stems really set the flowers off well.