A deadline met

For the past couple of weeks I had been racing against time to finish the documentation of a software project I had taken up as a freelance technical writer.Today was the meeting and discussion with my project manager and I'm glad to say that I've passed the first test.Now I need to make some changes he suggested and wait for him to upgrade the software to a newer version so as to update the document accordingly.
Though I had been teaching computer science for the past 7 years and guiding students on projects,I never had any hands on experience with software development and that was a drawback.But now,when I work in tandem with software developers in documenting their work (to put it simply,writing a help/tutorial to use the software) I feel a sense of satisfaction.All those years away from the industry have not taken its toll.I am still good enough.Did I hear someone say, "Those who can -do,those who cannot,teach"!!! Let him come to me,I'll teach him a thing or two :-))
Anyways,after so many late nights(most would go on until early morning 2 or 3) Iam taking it easy for a couple of days..phew!!!