Bullion rose and some repair work..

Hi everyone!!

Remember the jinxed Brazilian embroidery flower from this post ?

I tried to make it look better..

I still don't like it though..
But this new one, I am quite happy about..

This flower has about 20 bullions in 10,12,14 ,20 and 24 wraps..Some of the wraps are not so perfect,but I am not bothered too much about them. It does look a little lonely and tiny in one corner, so I may add some fine growth and french knot flowers.

The annual Erlangen beer festival concluded yesterday. This year we visited the place just once ,but I wore the "Dirndl" for the first time. Dirndl is the traditional dress of Bavaria. It is an easy to wear dress when compared to a sari, but a terribly expensive one. I wonder why. Isn't it just a simple frock?  Unlike the Indian fabrics, it does not require complicated stitching and the fabric is either polyester or cotton.

Mid June...sigh!! The school holidays are around the corner and we're not looking forward to it . "We" means us parents, not the kid :)

Will come back with some more embroidery,
Till then...
Love,luck and lots and lots of sunshine,


  1. I find the Bullion know hard to get neat and even, especially if there are as many wraps as you have made. Your red rose looks splendid.
    I don't know why folk costumes cost so much, especially when they are not traditionally made by hand but factory made and maybe out of polyester.

  2. Your bullion rose is lovely, I'm not surprised you are pleased!

    I hope you get to enjoy at least some of the holidays!

  3. I am liking both of these flowers, you certainly have lots of raps in the second one. Would have loved to have seen a photo of you in your Dirndl

  4. Your Brazilian embroidery flower looks lovely to me. Love the new flower too .... all those bullions look scarey to me (I've only ever stitched one before!). Hope you have fun during the holidays!
    Barbara x

  5. I don't think your flower is jinxed at all - I think it's really pretty. And the rose is amazing - just the thought of doing all those wraps is mind boggling!

  6. Same as Margaret, I would love to see you in your Dirndl!

  7. I love both of your flowers ! It must be lovely to watch the red rose develop as you add each bullion stitch petal . You make sure you enjoy your summer holidays and make some time to do some relaxing and calming embroidery for yourself :) Daisy Debs :) x


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