Update on Mez threads

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post and a quick update for those who'd like to know - a fellow hand embroidery group member in FB gave me a link which had a listing of all the Mez threads .. Here it is..

Mez Yarns at Handarbeits

This appears to be Coton-a-Broder. The word appears vierfach in the above link too and the description says it is Coton a Broder.
Yoohoo, Rachel..du bist ein Genie!! :) (translated as You're a genius!!)

And this one has Mattstickgarn in its label which is described as Soft cotton in the link.

I guess that settles it then!!

Love,luck and sunshine, (-7 degree here...brrrr...)


  1. good to know you have them sorted though it might be coton a broder, do have some of those somewhere

  2. Hi Deepa,
    Margaret's idea of tugging the thread sounds sensible - somehow when I made my comment yesterday I didn't see Margaret's! I shall definitely be tugging my threads from now on!

    At my handicraft group we have a large filing cabinet where items are stored that have been donated by people who no longer sew, for whatever reason, and one draw is full of threads .... some of them with labels we didn't know .... from memory I think they could well be Mez. I think members have shied away from using the threads from the draw, but, if they are Mez I'm sure some of my group's members will be more likely to use them! I'm so glad you told us about your thread find!

    BTW it's 7 degrees and very foggy here this morning!
    Keep warm! Smiles and hugs, Barbara x

  3. One advantage of the internet is having so many assistant researchers!

  4. What in the world did we ever do without the internet!!
    xx, Carol

  5. Glad to see that someone was able to help out with identifying the threads.You're going to have fun working with them.


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