Do you know this stitch?

Hi everyone!!

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on the ruffled skirt. The little lady wore it to school and proudly announced that it was made by her mom :)  Happy, happy me :)

Back to embroidery now... Here's a video I came across during my meanderings in YouTube.

This quick post is to ask you if you know the stitch shown in this video.  I just can't seem to identify the stitch name in English. The name of the stitch in the video is Ponto eletrico (Spanish? Portuguese?)  It is a mix of twisted chain to the top and simple chain to the bottom. Do you remember seeing this somewhere?

It's getting rather cold here and has been raining for the past few days. The toughest part is to venture out and buy groceries - requires a lot of convincing oneself that if you don't go you'll not have anything to eat . Missing our car ,the next door local grocery stores and even the variety of home deliveries in India - we even used to have the option to call the beautician to our home :)

Well , life is all about different experiences and learning to value what we have :) I love the fall colors and the disciplined life here :)

Don't forget to tell me if you know the stitch..
Update : So, finally I have the stitch name --- and it is Braid Stitch. ..phew!! Thanks everyone for trying to help out. Margaret & Carol, you both got it right!!! As Carol wrote, I love a good mystery and it was fun while it lasted :)

Love,luck and sunshine,



  1. It's a Brazilian video, so Portuguese language. But I don't know the stitch.
    Many Brazilian names for embroidery stitches are different from ours. They used translate the American names but a few still use the Portuguese name.
    Translating this name we can say in English "electric stitch" (!). Or as she says in the video "little eights - 8s".

    Sorry not help, I've never seen this stitch.

  2. Deepa I know the owner of the YouTube channel. I will get in touch with her to see if she could answer your questions.

  3. I shall be keeping a watch to see what news!

  4. Have had fun checking out my stitch books and I think it might be braid stitch hope this helps or if I am wrong someon else will come up with the right stitch

  5. Deepa, Contact Sharon Boggon of, just Google her, as she has an online stitch dictionary. It looks familiar, but I can't place it. Hope this helps, Caroline

  6. It looks a lot like cable chain stitch, but that is done in a row. Doing it sideways stumps me. I like it though.

  7. It looks a lot like cable chain stitch, but that is done in a row. Doing it sideways stumps me. I like it though.

  8. I'll have to go away and do some research ....yes , it looks familiar .

  9. have rechecked and I am pretty sure it is braid stitch

  10. It looks like braid stitch. Let us know if Silvana can find out for sure. Don't you love a great mystery, lol.

    Yuck..cold and rainy weather always keeps me inside. I was wondering how you would adjust to the weather in Germany and German ways. I don't know much about Germany..but I have A Lot of friends near me that are from India. I would think the biggest adjustment for you would be the difference in temperaments.
    xx, Carol

  11. This stitch looks like the braid stitch aka cable plait stitch, but I'm not sure. What do you think?


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