Stitching randomly - some Brazilian embroidery

The last time I posted BE was way back in 2013. That's a big gap!! I realized it just now - when I looked up my posts while writing this one. {smile}

So, fresh after completing Hope and encouraged by the fact that I've actually planned and executed a design on my own - I decided to try my talent {grin} in Brazilian embroidery. Psst..Those are the only threads I've here with me other than the stranded cotton -and oh yes some white work threads too.

I have brought along some linens gifted by Meri and I am determined to embroider on all of them before my German adventure ends. Armed with my rayon threads and milliner's needles, I began...

The first flower was something which I'd never attempted before.It was not difficult, but time consuming and yes, it looked really big.

After completing it and looking at it size, I had my doubts - was this one going to be a misadventure? Maybe, I still had the tiny-dainty-flower-hangover after Hope :)

So, I left it alone and tried another one -a Japanese violet . I've stitched Japanese violet multiple times and each time I've failed to keep the bullions in shape.

It was a struggle this time too, but I managed it better than the earlier two attempts except for a couple of petals. I've still not gotten anywhere near the perfect Japanese Violet. One more attempt is in the offing.

Then some fine growth and embellishments were added to the li'l big flower, Dahlia.

And went for another flower I haven't tried for a long long time - the cast on flower.Here she is...

So, now the pattern looks like this...

Is it just for me, or are these images looking blue?

I am happy with what I am seeing right now, but,yes there's still scope for some tiny additions to make the whole block look like one. Some more fine growth,perhaps?

The fabric piece is a long one - so there's still a lot of space left. I'm going to add some more blocks in the corners. I am envisioning it as a table runner. Let us see it how its end up.

I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I did stitching them up. Making up design on the go is fun.

The weather is pleasant, school is closed for summer and there are colors all around. :) Next month, we are visiting Paris - our first trip outside Germany.

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. You surely know what the 2 end flowers remind me of - tatting !!!
    Nice visualization & embroidery :-)

  2. Your flowers are wonderful! I would be thrilled if I could make bullions half as good as yours and that purple/pink flower is perfect. It puts me in mind a little bit of crewel embroidery, only done in a more modern way.

  3. lovely work I do like Brazillian but aa you say those big bullions can be tricky. Have a lovely time in Paris, my sister is also going in august, she is coming form Australia and doing a cruise then spending a week with me then off to France before flying home. So looking forward to it but also know it will be the last time that we will see each other last time was in 2002 and the last time she came here was 1991

  4. These look like very tricky stitches,but you do them so well and your table runner will be lovely .
    Those embroidery silks look lovely by the way, they have a nice sheen .
    Enjoy your trip to Paris !

  5. It looks delightful, and it's a very different technique to many of the others you've shown.
    Enjoy Paris!

  6. I just loved it , the pink flower wow ! I want it :)

  7. Lovely! Nice to see your BE after a long gap. Please keep posting such beautiful works.

  8. Beautiful embroidery Deepa. It will look good as a runner if u add some embroidery in the corner and a crochet or tatted border all around. Enjoy the trip.

  9. Beauftiful flowers. I've never seen Japanese violets like these.


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