Embroidered Storks...Reader's embroidery again

Greetings everyone!!

I've not been embroidering much lately as we are in the middle of a career changing,life changing move from India to Germany. DH has already left the shores and now I am trying to tie up the loose ends - job, daughter's school, purchases for the winter there..

To be frank, I've no idea what to expect and I am nervous. It's a big change in terms of culture,language and climate. It's been fifteen years in Bangalore and all of a sudden this move...am I looking forward to it? Yes and No. Gosh!!!

It was in the middle of all this that I received the picture of another completed work from Shoba, one of the most prolific embroiderers I've come across. The speed in which she completes her pieces is unbelievable and each piece turns out to be better than the previous. Here's her work..

Please click on the image for a better view. This piece has as many as 15 different stitches incorporated. She very kindly passed on the list of stitches used in the pattern. If any one among you wants to try this pattern this would be really helpful. Of course, you can make changes according to your preference too. Here's the stitch diagram.

Thank you, Shoba. Because of you my blog has remained active in the past few months

That's about it for now. Will be back with more news and updates soon. We plan to travel in January and hopefully everything will just work out fine.

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. Good luck with your move and in your new home, Deepa! Thanks for sharing Shoba's work and pattern. It IS beautiful!

  2. My best wishes for a safe journey and a speedy and happy settlement in your new home!

  3. certainly a very talented stitcher this is a beautiful piece. Best of luck with your move, I wonder can you speak German or have you got to learn it?
    I am sure you will settle in and the German ladies are keen stitchers so hopefully you will find a group you can join and share your talents with

  4. Amazing news, Deepa, it takes courage to start again somewhere else but it is also very exciting. Now that you come to Europe hopefully we will be able to meet in person?

  5. Hi Deepa,

    Thanks for sharing Shoba's embroidery with us, it's amazing!

    Best wishes for your move! I do hope you can speak German! And don't have to learn it now!?

    I'm sure you will find a group to stitch with once you are settled, and I look forward to, hopefully, more of your stitching adventures in the future!

    By the way I was just looking at the previous embroidery, of Noddy, and wondered if you could confirm the blue stitch for his shorts as I was not sure if "herringbone" was for the waistband or the shorts - the blue stitch looks interesting but I can't enlarge it enough to see it properly (or the written notes - they don't come out terribly clear- Blogger is quite good, isn't it, but not perfect for embiggening!) Hope you see what I mean! ��

    All the best, Barbara xx

  6. That has to be a huge move and a culture shock to everyone - at least for awhile. I hope the move is smooth and that you and your family will be settled quickly. And this is a beautiful piece of stitching you've shared!

  7. That's a very big change! Good luck with tieing up the loose ends. Take care!

  8. This is some absolutely stunning work. The setting sun especially is beautiful.

    Hope things work out with your move!

  9. Good Luck Deepa, Germany is a good place, it might just give you excellent opportunities to resume embroidering again. :)

    All the best


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