Knock,Knock !!

Me : Knock, knock!

You : Who's there?

Me:  It's me, Deepa.

You : Deepa who?

Me :  mmmmm...Deepa of this and that.

You : Oh, it's been a while. Where have you been?

Me :  Life has been busy- you know, work ,work and work. Now finally I've got a break and so I thought I'll pick up from where I left. There's a lot to catch up.

 And so I assume my conversation with you  will go on ....

So, how are you all? I hope the past six months have been pleasant with a lot of creative juices flowing.

Just a little while back, I had written to a friend about not posting at This and that.  I was telling her that since mine is a stitchery blog , there's no point posting if there is no stitching done, which I've not done since July :(
Anyways, now I've got some free time with me and I'm itching to use it well. How about some new stitch technique or even a giveaway?

By the way, a very Happy New Year to all my friends around the world. I wish I could name each of you in my new year wish - but that's rather impractical :)

Before leaving, I would like to show you an embroidered piece that had been mailed long back by one of my online friends,Shoba . She used my Honeycomb chain stitch method  for the roof .

It is a rather simple piece and  how it has been stitched doesn't matter to me.What matters is only that line embroidered there.
Thank you Shoba and thanks to all those who asked about my long absence from the blog world. Will be back soon with a new  post.

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. I can't believe it's been six months. Welcome back, and I hope to see you soon

  2. Welcome back to the virtual world Deepa, good to know you're OK, your blog is such a wonderful resource, full of lovely stitch tutorials enahnced by the pleasure of your happy personality. Hope the New Year has brought you good things

  3. Dear Deepa, so glad hear from you!

    Hope you and your family are well and wish a Happy New Year!
    xx Meri

  4. I used to think my blog was about my love of beads and birds. But guess what, my friends like to know about the everyday life too.

    What goes on at your house when you are not stitching?

    Happy New Year.
    I've missed you.

  5. good to hear all's well.and geez about 2 days ago you came to my was in the air.( actually you were in the air)

  6. Happy New Year! Wishing you a year filled with creativity, and lots of time to create!

  7. Welcome Back.. Wishing you a very happy new year.

  8. Happy and productive New Year Deepa. It is very good to know you will be stitching and inspiring us again.

  9. It's so good to hear from you again. Happy New Year!

  10. Welcome back Deepa... all your bloggy friends are looking forward with anticipation to all your new tutorials, or even just glimpses of what you're working on... I truly know how hard it is to blog without having something to show, I have been there, many times, and I am sure it will happen many times more, because face it, life just happens! Hugs!

  11. There is only one Deepa, and you have not been forgotten!
    Happy New Year to you dear friend.

  12. Welcome back to the Blogosphere! We've missed you. Happy New Year and I hope you have a wonderful year of stitching.

  13. Happy New Year!!! - Anon

  14. welcome back from Canada, too. It's so good to know you are o.k. Happy, healthy New Year to you and your family - love, laughter and happy stitching.

  15. I haven't visited in so long that I didn't even know you were taking a six month break but I'm glad you're back.

  16. since I was away(still I am) from this "blog land" never noticed ur missing. thought everyone else happily blogging! great to see u back n I vent missed much here to scroll thru


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