Giveaway- two more books looking for a new home

Yes, you read it right!! I am giving away two more books from my collection. These are books which have been with me for some time now. The first one is a Crochet pattern book from Dover Publications.

 The patterns are from the DMC archives and quite elaborate.I purchased this book with the plans of crocheting , but that never happened.

The pages are in black and white and the first few pages have the instructions to crochet the basic stitches.

The second book is a tatting book and is rather old - from the year 1971. I got this with a bunch of second hand books I purchased from a store. I would've loved to keep it, but on second thoughts , may be someone who loves tatting would be more appreciative of  it. This is not for a beginner, but for someone who loves collecting vintage books and reviving old patterns.

Here are some pictures of the patterns from the book. Some of the initial pages with instructions on how to tat are slightly damaged,and there is a lot of wear and tear, but the instructions are  complete..

In case anyone amongst you would like own any of these two books, please leave a comment mentioning your preference. The giveaway is open till  February 7th.

For those who have missed my previous post - I am giving away  a brand new copy of "Basic principles of Schwalm Whitework " by Luzine Happel. Feel free to participate by leaving a comment on the giveaway post here.

Love, luck and sunshine,


  1. I would love a chance at one of these books Deepa! Either one. Thanks for the chance.

  2. It is so difficult to choose. I like white crocheted doily very much. And round tatted doily looks great. I'd like to make them both. I would be very glad getting one of them. Thank you for this giveaway.


  3. I would be thrilled to win either book! Thank you for offering them :-)

  4. I have tried several times to learn to tat and have finally realized that I just don't have the patience for it. Instead I haunt the thrift stores looking for cast off pieces. So...if I were lucky enough to win, I would throw my name in for the crochet one because THAT I can do!

  5. You are an angel for wanting to give away the two awesome books...would love to have them...these are rare gems. Thanks for the giveaway!


  6. Dear Deepa,

    I would love to get the tatting book.


  7. Love the first book Crochet pattern book.. Would defenitely like to try my luck for it

  8. Hi Deepa,

    Thanks, both types (crochet and Tatting) are new to me and would love to own one of these books. And what more if it comes from experienced person whom we look upon to for advise and suggestions.


  9. Hi Deepa,
    Nice to see you back :-)Sorry I'm late in welcoming you.

    The books are good, but pls excuse, I may not use them.So give to those who will use it.


  10. I'm in for any chance to get a book free hehe.. with the new born in hand I dont know how I make use of it If I win, but giving it a chance.

  11. I would love to win either of them . Thanks for the wonderful give away.

  12. Hi Deepa, The crochet book seems very nice. Would it be possible to put my name for the crochet book only.
    Thank you.

  13. Hey Deepa,Thats really nice yaa..I wish I could get get one this book.

  14. Hi deepa ,

    I am learning crochet foe the past 1 year. I would love to have this book. Keep going with your embroidery work



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