A stitch that I have not yet named

Thanks to all who "opened their doors"  when I Knocked .It was a pleasure hearing from you after so long.

Some days back I happened to see this tutorial to crochet  a Loop Stitch  . The inspiration for the pictures that you see below came from that video.Instead of crocheting loops, I embroidered them.

I started my trials with the small flower on the left. It looked pretty good. Next, I tried making two layers and found it difficult to do because of the tiny space inside.

I tried the layering again for a bigger flower ,first the red petals were stitched and then the yellow ones. Happy with the outcome.What do you think?

Initially, I had felt that only tiny flowers would look good with this stitch, but now I love the larger flower more :) 

Since I have not seen this stitch before , I have not named it. Or may be it exists , and in case it does and  you have seen it somewhere, do let me know . I'll re-title this post with the stitch name. :)

By the way, my embroidered rose survived the washing machine wash cycle not once, but twice !! Little Meghna is using it as her napkin during lunch in school. In fact , when she took it to school for the first time there were requests from her friends to make something similar for them :)

There a few gaps visible after the "bath". But those can be corrected. Still ,no more washing machine, only hand wash from now on - I've tortured her enough.

And thus ends my first "real" embroidery post after a long time. I hope you enjoyed visiting and viewing.

Love, luck and sunshine,


Jane Galley said…
Textural stitches like the loopy flowers add so much interest to a piece
Nima said…
lovely flowers with crochet loops
lisajackie said…
Your looped flowers are so pretty!

Anusuya said…
Hey Dear, its great to see you back with such a lovely piece. It's beautiful.I like more the big flower with red and yellow.
Raghu Pandey said…
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Heather said…
Deepa, what a beautiful flower, love the stitch, love the look, and love the colours... as for the little napkin, now that it's gone through the wash twice, I don't think you will have to worry about any more wear on it, and it is indeed lovely too! Hugs.
Wendy said…
It is very pretty! I wanted to pin it, but I'm not allowed?
Debbie said…
Nice flowers, Deepa. Reminds me of the stitching used for turkey work.
These are HAPPY Flowers. I love them. Since I crochet too, I'm going to check out the crocheted version also.

Annet said…
Those flowers are very pretty. Clever to translate a crochet stitch to embroidery.
Wow... these loop stitch flowers looks very pretty....
MadhuRao said…
Hey Deepa,

Nice to see you again!! Welcome Back.
Somehow I missed your earlier post, Hope your nose is treating u well now!!

Take care,
Deepa, this looks like what I have always known as Turkish stitch. A sort of looped backstitch. If you Google it you should find it either as Turkish embroidery stitch or Turkey work. Its a lovely looking stitch and imitates a fluffy rug when sewn close together and the loops cut as in carpet pile. I've used it for dolls eyelashes.
Anonymous said…
Hi Deepa
This stitch has been hard to learn. I did do one, but never did it again because of the difficulty. It is called the knotted loop stitch if it is the same one I saw in a Jenny Bradford book (Textured Embroidery)which you can see the cover page on amazon.com. There are even more rows. It is a beautiful stitch and you did a great job. Are you going to have a tutorial on it. I gave up, just couldn't do without getting frustrated. I hope I didn't rain on your parade. It eludes me, ugh!!!!
blandina said…
This is a come back in style, with a new stitch and pretty flowers!
Shami Immanuel said…
Happy to see u again with a pretty loopy flower.

Shami Immanuel.
meri said…
Hi Deepa! So good to hear from you, dear friend!

I love the bigger flower as well - beautiful effect! Name it as Deepa Flower Stitch :)

Have a great 2013!
margaret said…
popped over from SF so I now have another blog I am following love your flower
annette said…
sorry to burst your bubble but this is not a new stitch... research will show you that it is quite an old form... cant remember what book it is in.. but looks good anyway... and its always nice to see how other people use stitches and embroidery
Beautiful flowers - especially nice to see them today after we've had a day of dull dreary rain!
Patty said…
I love those flowers and I'm glad the napkin survived the wash!
Ninu said…
Loop flowers look cute, does they stand like tht? ;)