Embroidering a rose-a different attempt

Back to kitchen towel experiments!!
On the same kitchen towel where I tried these Anthuriums , I stitched a  rose.

Not the typical outlining alone,neither the usual filling stitches.Click on the pics to see it better.A lot of straight stitches and a little weaving in between with the final outline in blanket stitch.

Plenty of scope for improvement .Some of the straight stitches are not pulled tight and at some parts the blanket stitch outline is pulled too tight. 

I am not sure if the straight stitches would withstand washing.
I am off to give the rose a bath.

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. Its SUPERB Deepa....absolutely out of this world..great creativity..:)

  2. really a different attempt deepa.... they look beautiful

  3. What an unusual technique, but it works so well, this flower is beautiful

  4. You made a very original beautiful rose. Especially the yellow weaving is very nice. I am really curious how the washing will end.

  5. I hope yours stitches withstand washing, it's such a beautiful rose!

  6. I love the variety and use of stitches for your rose creation.
    Unusual and lovely.

  7. Your rose is beautiful Deepa - I don't think I would be able to actually use the towel though - far too pretty for that!

  8. What an unusual Technique deepa.....you are too good!!!!

  9. thank you for visiting my blog Deepa :))))..i always proud of one who does experiments in embr..you are one of them..years ago thru internet, 1st time i learnt braz embr (Ellen's basket)via your blog..so i wud always be thankful to you..i had bookmarked your site then..and now i have joined as your follower..
    this Rose is wonderful but let us know if it withstands washing..expecting more new stitch variations to add in my to do list....

  10. this creativity and innovation makes 'deepas home' sweet home ....:-)
    very different way of thinking .. keep going dear...

  11. Wow, that center is really a modern-art effect, like Frida Kahlo or . . . not Georgia O'Keefe, but someone from that era, 1930's. It's fascinating.
    The long stitches will probably catch on buttons, if you just toss it into the wash with everything, but what's really going to spoil the look is, it will dry wrinkled. Embroidery always does, and the longer the stitches the more wrinkles. I cannot imagine ironing a kitchen towel ;)
    Well, it's a beautiful picture now, anyway!

  12. Its nice to follow your blog..
    I liked your work... They are just beautiful

  13. Cute! I love flowers and embroidery. Then I found your blog and both were combined together and voila! Your blog was awesome. Thanks for sharing this!

  14. It is really pretty and very creative! Did it wash well?


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