What color combo would you choose?

Would you go for

Complementary - colors on the exact opposite in the color wheel.
This looks to be me :)

Monochromatic- colors of the same shade.

Analogous - colors close to each other on the color wheel.

Or Achromatic - No colors -just black,white and grey .

Here are all the four combos together.Each looks good in its own way. Next time I stitch,I think I'll experiment a lot more with colors. How about you?

Will be back with another set of combinations,
Till then,
Love,luck and sunshine,


coral-seas said…
You are right Deepa, they do all look good in their own way, and your stitch samples are charming.

I am very much drawn to the complementary sample but that may be because I like these colours a lot.
Suztats said…
Having fun with your CTC I see. Me too! Nice stitching, as always, Deepa. Hugs
Heather said…
For me, it's complementary all the way, VBG! Hugs.
nima said…
wow...that's lovely..each combinations are beautiful in their own way
I have to say I like the monochromatic blues - but not quite sure if it's because my favourite colour is blue. The black, white & grey combo is striking because it's so different.
Ninu said…
monochromatic,Analogous.here I like them more.
neki desu said…
achromatic for ritz, complementary for dazzle!
Juli said…
I like monochromatic as well!
Anonymous said…
I think the analogous really pops out for me. But they are all great.
Suseela said…
Hi Deepa,

I like the Monochromatic combination. It looks like a new combination although its not.

aracne said…
I like all of them, it depends on what I have to stitch and on my mood. How interesting, I never thought of colours combinations in this way.
Hi Deepa
I liked the Complementary colours and Achromatic.
The Complementary colors (which you have used)look bright and makes us feel happy.
The Acromatic is very simple, yet very Beautiful.
Wow... all were good but i go for complementary and achromatic... u r learning a great thing... carry on with this class... expecting more colorful works....
nancie said…
I think i would like to go for complementary and then analogous...
nancie said…
I think i would like to go for complementary and then analogous...