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Around this time last year, I had lost a bunch of threads ordered from the U.S. I attributed to my bad luck and fearing a repeat stopped buying stuff from abroad. And I was happy that at least couriers from within India manage to reach me .....almost on cue, last week I lost a packet once again,this time sent from within my city... waaahhhh..

Either someone in the postal dept loves embroidery or the security guy at our apartment entrance (he collects the post and delivers to each flat) dreams that he will take up embroidery one day.This time for sure its not the postman. The courier agency informed that the packet had been collected at the gate.He claims he knows nothing. Every day since the loss, while passing in and out, I stare and growl at our security officer...grrrr... if looks could kill... grrr....

So, yesterday, when another gentleman(muah,muah..) delivered an order which I had placed couple of months back..I was a relieved woman.

Let me show you what I got,

Its a free style embroidery kit from Anchor. In India, we get only cross stitch and long stitch kits in craft shops. Surface embroidery kits are not available (and I mean it). I had to order this using an order form from the magazine "Needle 'n' thread".

The kit comes with the fabric with pre printed design and the required quantity of threads.While the quality of the fabric is questionable, I can vouch for the threads ;) There's some bead work too.

The people at Anchor assume that you know embroidery and have kept instructions to the minimum. Just one sheet of paper with the picture on one side and stitch instructions on the other side.

As a subscriber of Needle'nthread, I've seen many such kits being offered to the readers. Some of their offers are wonderful.But the ordering process is manual and cannot be done online. There's a two month waiting period too.

If you're keen on getting kits like these ,then you need to subscribe to "Needle'n'thread magazine" . At present they deliver within India only.There are 4 issues per year and each issue costs 75/- .

And you know what? I've got two of the above kit. One for me and the other for one amongst you.

Very soon I'll announce the give away.. hmm..may be next month..on my birthday :)

Till then,
Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. I got an embroidery machine too, so I will experimenting with it soon! I know it's very different from hand embroidery, but it will be more appropriate for the little patience I have!

  2. Looks like a lovely design. You'll enjoy stitching it, so glad this one managed to get through

  3. Vow, deepa.. Aint it a beautiful one!! I got one ordered for myself as well. I too was initially worried it was lost midway; just got them delivered yesterday!! Anchor guys seems to courier all of the orders together regardless of when u placed it. (Last date for placing the order for that kit was 30th June)

  4. It looks beautiful!
    And congratulations for winning the Kathy's Crewel book!:)

  5. The kit looks terrfic, I like the pattern and the colours. I am sure that it will be a joy to embroider!

  6. i'vent seent this design on the magazine, btw the latest one hasnt reached my hands yet..


  8. lovely kit .....
    oh ... waiting eagerly for the giveaway.

  9. Hi Deepa
    Congrats on finally receiving you emb. kit. Its a beautiful design.
    I too had ordered cross stitch designs from US infact a relativ of mine had placed order for me there and send it to India which i never received till date and it really hearts.

  10. Hey Deepa.... just dropping in to let you know I haven't forgotten about you... such bad luck with your deliveries but I am glad you got this one, looks lovely!! Have also been checking out the posts I've missed lately, the Kutchwork shisha tutorial in the pink and yellow is lovely, I'll have to keep that in mind for one of my designs... hope everything is well with you, I haven't had much time for blogging, but I hope that will soon change :-) I miss being creative and posting on my blog, but I plan on remedying that over the next year!!! Hugs.

  11. I was about to order this kit.
    But i am late.
    It was said I have to order before 30.6.2011.
    So I am re thinking of ordering it.
    On seeing the post I am tempted again.

    By the by waiting to great you on your birthday dear.

  12. It is so frustrating when things like this happen. I hope you get the rest of your lost packages. The kit looks so pretty!

  13. Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day Deepa..

  14. Looks like a lovely design. Thanks for the post

  15. It looks beautiful! thanks for the post ..

  16. Can i have a link for the online subscription to this magazine Needle n Thread?

  17. Vandana,
    You've not left your mail id for me to reply to you.. Hope you're reading this...
    Here's the link for subscribing to Needle'nthread


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