So many natural disasters.So many deaths.So much destruction.First Christ Church,now Japan.

Whom do we blame? The Gods? Mother earth? Our neighbours? or Ourselves?

Why couldn't we let the nature be? Why did we try to mechanize everything? Why did we build high rises? Why did we raze down the trees?

In trying to make lives easy,we've made living difficult.

Look how the earth is paying back in the same coin.

Is it too late? Can we still go back?

Remembering all those who lost their lives and all who lost their loved ones,


  1. My heart goes out to all of them in their hour of need. I guess somewhere down the line we have tipped the balance. Hope god gives them the strength to rebuild their lives

  2. Trying an optimistic thought, although there's no doubt we reap what we sow - earthquakes, volcanos are part of our planet's history, Man or no Man... even if we were on our best behaviour, the Earth does not spin around Man and we are just a moment in time

    I'm deeply sorry for all the people that died or lost someone or are suffering coz of the latest events

  3. True Deepa.....may all their souls rest in peace. may be everyone should start thinking about this

  4. There seems to have been so much suffering this year all over the world. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by these latest tragedies in Japan.

  5. Touching post Deepa. It seems the earth is going from one disaster to another right now.

  6. i've lived glued to nhk international this weekend. among all that destruction my friends are safe

  7. The Creator gives a hit like these to make us believe that man is nothing in front of him!
    Prayers with those who are affected by Tsunami..

  8. I hope that everyone is going to be asking the same questions Deepa, particularly those in charge who are allowing all the mining, drilling the seabed, and everything else that is destroying our planet in the name of greed.

    Where will it all end.

  9. one positive among all the destruction, the Japanese people are a different race altogether. Inspite of the tragedy, there was no mad scrambles for food, no shoplifting, no fights when the helicopters arrive. They are holding their own, and their spirit lives on!
    Although this is a terrible tragedy, I'm sure the Japanese people will come out more resilient, just like in WWII


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