Stitching small flowers? - Try this method!!

Here's the bunch of daisies all done !!

As said in the last post, I persisted with DMC Light effects for the purple daisies and Anchor metallic for the green .

The yellow daisies are stitched with Anchor cotton strands and for the double colored daisies I used one strand of yellow cotton with one strand of DMC Light Effect. I found them quite comfortable to work with -on one condition - use short lengths.

So,that's it!!

Or is it?

No, not at all :)

I need to show you those tiny red flowers.

Here's one.

What do you think? Kind of different?

The pattern called for lazy daisies scattered in between the floral bunch. But I was in no mood to repeat them again.So I tried this just for a change.

Do you want to try making something similar?
Its quite simple actually. Here's what I did.
Step 1.

To form a petal, make a straight stitch from the center

Step 2:

Come up in the middle of the petal
Step 3:

Pass the needle underneath the straight stitch without piercing the fabric,keeping the thread behind the needle .Pull and form a knot,but not too tightly. For the more experienced, this is buttonhole stitch on a bar. For these flowers, I made two such knots.

Step 4:

Go down on the other side of the bar. That completes one petal.Repeat this as many times as you want.

Now , what name do we give this flower? Any suggestions?

Well, that's about it for now. I hope next time you'll try out this method for making tiny flowers instead of the typical lazy daisies .

Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. hi deepa,
    i like the new stich of flower stich and its easy and different from normal daisy stich!! i will try def. in my future works dear and thanks for sharing........

  2. Gud alternate for daisy stitch Deepa..tried and n it looks nice and ofcourse with that inspiration developed one more /stitch/flower..:)

  3. Simple yet elegant embroidery. I love it!

  4. How pretty, Deepa, the new daisy is a jewel!

  5. I have a name - how about Deepa's Daisy? I'm going to give it a try anyway. Thank you!

  6. It is very pretty stitch for tiny petals Deepa ,good creative thinking,Thanks for sharing

  7. very creative!! will try it out when I do embroidery next time

  8. very pretty! i'm going to try the red flower stitch.

  9. nice stitch variation deepa sure i'll try it once...

  10. Hi deepa
    Another beautiful work from you. Its simple yet very pretty. Liked those tiny red flowers too.
    Keep it up.

  11. Love,luck and sunshine to you too! :) Thanks for the flowers!

  12. Thanks for sharing your little daisy, Deepa. Will have to give it a try one day. Dianne.

  13. Gracias por compartir el tutorial, su blog es muy bonito.

  14. Hi Deepa,
    I liked the khutch work tutorial part 1 & 2. It was easy to follow and understand.I need mirror work fixing & herring bone stitch,pls post if possible .best wishes

  15. Hi Deepa,
    VERY cute flowers!! This looks like a detached Portuguese knotted stem stitch. I am impressed with your ability to think outside of the box. Keep up the great work :)
    ~Sandi (Happy Stitcher in Florida)

  16. Wow that's pretty easy and yet the outcome was very beautiful. I continue to browse your site for tutorials like this. thanks for sharing!

  17. Lovely work... Loved your site... the lazy daisy work above was awesome...
    I am also into small time stitching, however, I get puzzled when it comes to buying facbric. Can you please tell the name of the fabric you used for this Lazy daisy work and where can i get it in Mumbai?

  18. Hey Gouri here....
    You are so talented. Awesome work and awesome writeup!! :)


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