Proudly presenting online student's Brazilian embroidery

Hi everyone!!
No pics from my side today. Instead,I'll direct you to my online student and friend Uma Srinivasan's blog.She purchased my Beginner's Brazilian Embroidery online course and religiously followed the instructions and tutorials.For every week's lessons she used to mail me her trial pics and ask for comments.Of all the people who have taken up this course, I must admit she's one of  the very few who came back to me again and again with questions.

(Images from
Here are some of her works. Teaching the stitches in BE is not a difficult job,but the flower instructions could be a little confusing.No one can give you a step by step on making a particular flower since that'll need load and loads of pics. I've checked out quite a few books and none has any step by step photos.You've to read through the instructions patiently , understand them  and then construct the dimensional flower.Needs loads of  patience!! 
Anyways, Iam feeling quite proud today  :).Here's the link once again ...

Those who're interested in learning the very basics of Brazilian embroidery with a little support from me,please get in touch either via comment or through the mail id given at the top of this page.If you're a good self learner,you can also learn the basics free from Brazilian dimensional embroidery getting started page .The stitch instructions are given here .My course also covers all these,but is a little more pictorial .
Thanks a ton for all your sweet words on the Beaded Kamal Kadai tute. All credit to Linda Chadwick for inspiring me :)
Please do keep visiting and talking to me.Each comment makes my day. Love you all...muah!!!

Till the next post,
Love,luck and sunshine,


  1. Wow, you must be an excellent teacher. She has done so well

  2. great teacher!!I ve seen the pics on her blog!!well taught!!

  3. Kudos to you Deepa on your teaching skills, and Kudos to Uma on her learning and stitching skills. The flower is beautiful but I really admire her bullion knots because I personally find them extremely challenging.

  4. I did not want to leave France without saying you a great and happy new: In 18 days, I am going in Rajasthan!
    Linked and near to you!
    PS: I like your beautiful last embeaded embroidery!
    anne G.

  5. No wonder you are feeling a little proud, Deepa! Your student is doing beautiful embroidery. Kudos to you as a wonderful instructor!

  6. hi,

    you have done a great job. good design and neat work. keep it up.

  7. hi,

    lovely for the first time...\\


  8. Beautiful!! Such excellent work - I especially love the red bullion flower. It's exquisite!

  9. Surely you are a great teacher, Deepa! Congratulations to both of you.

    If you are really interested in research Viana embroidery let me know, please ;)

  10. Hello Deepa, Your students are doing a very very lovely job of stitching. YOU should be very proud. You stitching is also excellent. Hugs Judy

  11. Hey nice job Deepa. The embroidery looks really good. :)

  12. Dear Deepa, you do so much great work here! Your blog is in my favourites tab since more than a year. I love needlepoint but haven't done anything for a very long time. Most of my work is cross stiching.
    I would like to know what type of material you use, and the pen that you mark your pattern with.


  13. Dear Napolitana,
    Thanks for your kind words.The type of material I use varies with the type of embroidery I do. For surface embroidery I use any plainweave cloth and for Brazilian I use trigger poplin or any sturdy fabric that can withstand the pulling and tugging.
    To trace the pattern, I use yellow carbon paper .In case I need to draw directly on the fabric I use a water soluble color pencil or a water soluble marker pen.


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